October 1, 2014-The IMMAF has launched a public calendar on its website for communicating IMMAF events and meetings, and also to give national federations an opportunity to publish their events.

All around the world our members are working hard to further MMA in their respective countries. They are inviting the public to seminars, they are meeting with politicians, overseeing competitions, hosting courses, training their national teams and much more. The calendar will give members a platform to notify each other of their activities and to broadcast them to the general public.

Keep an eye out for the 2015 IMMAF Championships schedule due to be posted shortly. After a recent decision by the board, the IMMAF will be hosting annual and not bi-annual World Championships, with the next World Championships set for the summer of 2015. Negotiations for various options are currently under way and depending on location, the World Championships will take place no earlier than the end of June and no later than the end of August 2015. The IMMAF is also currently processing bids from a number of federations and their partners for the opportunity to host Continental Championships during 2015. These Championships will take place no earlier than March and no later than May. More information will be posted as soon as it’s available.

The calendar can be found under its own heading on the home page, www.immaf.org/calendar.