IMMAF Launches New Course For Cutmen And Cutwomen

London: In its ongoing quest for the safe regulation of amateur MMA, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is pleased to announce the relaunch of its licensing course for Cutmen and Cutwomen.

The course consists of theoretical and practical elements, including the hand-wrapping technique for MMA and ringside protocol. It aims to provide the essential foundations for individuals aspiring to join the cut team at IMMAF events.

IMMAF’s cut team education is delivered by course leader and world-renowned UFC cutman, Robert “Bob” Plant, or one of three senior team members, Angelo Tarantini (FIGMMA, Italy), Vahagn Petrosyan (MMASP, Poland), and Paulo Bendito (FPDLA, Portugal). Angelo, Vahagn, and Paulo have accumulated a wealth of experience supervising international cut teams across IMMAF Championships, servicing up to 450 athletes and four fields of play per event.

Athlete welfare and safety has always been the top priority of IMMAF and the introduction of its Cutman Licensing System for MMA in 2019 saw IMMAF lead the way in its governance of the discipline. All IMMAF accredited officials are required to refresh their training and upskill to revalidate their licenses every two years.

The updated course incorporates general education about the cut person role and responsibilities, useful operational set-ups for IMMAF’s largescale events, and athlete care between rounds and bouts.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said: “As IMMAF strives always to be best in class, it expects no less in excellence from its officials. The revision of the cut team course forms part of IMMAF’s continuous development of good governance structures and offers enhanced training to our cut men and women.”


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