IMMAF Launches World Amateur MMA Rankings

(London, UK. August 26th 2015) IMMAF has launched its IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings, in a first for the amateur divisions of mixed martial arts. The lists include both national team rankings and individual competitor rankings, by weight category and pound-for-pound.

The rankings will enable seeding across IMMAF international competitions that will raise the level of safety through enabling better controlled matchmaking. The initiative will also raise the level of competition, by ensuring that top ranked athletes are not eliminated in the early rounds and will lead to more exciting matches.

The new IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings currently lists its top 10 national teams in the following order: USA (1), Italy (2), Canada (3), Sweden (4), France (5), United Kingdom (6), Finland (7), Ireland (8), Poland (9) and Kazakhstan (10).

The current number one male seeds by weight category are: Iurie Bejenari (France) at Flyweight /125lbs, Jose Torres (USA) at Bantamweight/135lbs,  Frans Mlambo (Republic of Ireland) at Featherweight/145lbs, Josh Ellis (UK) at Lightweight/155lbs, William Starks (USA) at Welterweight/170lbs, Brendan Allen (USA) at Middleweight/185lbs, Saeid Mirzaei (Canada) at Light Heavyweight/205lbs), Zdenek  Ledvina (Czech Republic) at Heavyweight/265lbs and Kevin Szaflarski (Poland) at Super Heavyweight/+265lbs.

Number one women seeds by weight category are: Minna Grusander (Finland) at Strawweight/115lbs, Micol DiSegni (Italy) at Flyweight/125lbs, Lucrezia Ria (Italy) at Bantamweight/135lbs and Jamie Herrington (Canada) at Featherweight/145lbs.

The standing IMMAF number one pound-for-pound world amateur athlete is Brendan Allen (USA).

See here for full IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings

IMMAF Rankings Points System

The IMMAF World Amateur MMA Ranking list is based on points obtained through participation in IMMAF continental and world championships.

Points are earned by athletes as detailed below, and both individual athletes and national teams are ranked accordingly.




Continental Open


World Championships

1st  Place 500 800
2nd  Place 300 480
3rd  Place 50 100
Technical Points See chart below See chart below
Participation 2 4


Technical Points:

The following technical points are awarded to the winner of each bout according to method of victory:

Technical Points – Method Continental Open World Championships
KO (knock out) 10 20
TKO (Tech Knock out) 10 20
SUB (Submission) 10 20
FOR (Forfeit) 5 10
DIS (Disqualification) 5 10
INJ (Injury) 5 10
UNA (Unanimous Decision) 3 6
SPL (Split Decision) 2 4


Points Lifespan 

The lifespan for points earned from each competition is as follows:

  1. For the first 12 months following date of competition the points retain 100% value.
  2. After 12 months from the date of competition the points decrease by 50% in value.
  3. After 24 months from the date of competition the points value drops to 0.
  4. Expiry and points reduction dates will be defined according to the week number (on a Monday) after each tournament was held. For example if the European Open takes place in week 47 of 2015, these points will reduce by 50% by week 48 of 2016.


Further Criteria

  1. Athletes who change weight categories will start again from zero (0) points. Points and seeding positions gained in previous weight categories are not transferable.


See here for full IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings

See IMMAF World Amateur MMA Rankings

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