The World Title is on the line this week on IMPACT! After successfully defending the championship against Sami Callihan at Turning Point, Rich Swann now faces a dangerous challenge in the form of MMA and pro wrestling legend, Ken Shamrock. After the Rascalz emotional farewell, Shamrock targeted the reigning champ and knocked him out with a straight right. The IMPACT Hall of Famer has completely reinvented himself, thanks to the help of the ICU hacker and now has his sights set on the top prize in the company. Will a new World Champion be crowned or will Swann keep the party going all night long?

At Turning Point, The Good Brothers became IMPACT Tag Team Champions for the very first time when they defeated The North in a hard-fought contest. Last week on IMPACT!, Ethan Page demanded a rematch for his team but the only way The Good Brothers are going to agree to one is if Page can defeat “a phenomenal opponent” of their choosing. While we were left with more questions than answers, one thing is for certain – Ethan Page will have a fight on his hands this Tuesday night!

Wrestler’s Court returns! Johnny Swinger has become the prime suspect in the shooting of John E Bravo after The Deaners discovered a gun in his fanny pack at Turning Point. Detective Dreamer believes he has the case cracked but Swinger continues to deny the allegations. What will the fate of Johnny Swinger be? Find out on Wrestler’s Court: The Boys vs Johnny Swinger this Tuesday on IMPACT!

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