IMPACT Wrestling Night 1 of EMERGENCE Recap and Results

IMPACT Wrestling presents Night 1 of EMERGENCE on AXS TV, as The North challenge The Motor City Machine Guns in a rematch for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles. The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, take on the team of Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. X-Division Champion Chris Bey defends against Rohit Raju and TJP in a 3 Way match. Self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose puts his gold on the line against Trey Miguel. Willie Mack sits down with Jimmy Jacobs for an exclusive interview following Eric Young’s vicious assault on him a few weeks ago. Plus a brand new edition of WRESTLE HOUSE, as Kylie Rae goes one-on-one with Taya Valkyrie.

The show begins with a video package highlighting tonight’s match ups. As always, our announce team is Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne.

X Division Championship Match: Chris Bey (C) vs. TJP vs. Rohit Raju

Result: Rohit Raju becomes the new X Division Champion after pinning Chris Bey with a double stomp.

Thoughts: A fast paced match worthy of the X Division name, although much more of a handicap match then a triple threat for much of the duration, with Bey and Rohit working on TJP, while TJP gets to show off a litany of innovative offense in battling against the odds. Knowing how wrestling works, we spend the duration of the match waiting for Rohit to turn on Bey, but they delay the inevitable until the very end of the match when Rohit strikes out of nowhere to become the new X Division Champion.

We head to WrestleHouse next where we see a playdate between Bravo and Crazzy Steve using stuffed animals to discuss the match between Kylie and Taya. Acey then approaches a suave appearing ‘Lawrence D’ who is wearing his new signature scent, Ring Rust.

Backstage The Good Brothers cut a promo on Ace Austin and Madman Fulton ahead of their match later tonight.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne run through the rest of the card for the evening.

TNA Championship Match: Moose (C) vs. Trey Miguel

Result: Moose retains with a  Lights Out spear.

Thoughts: The classic tale of big man versus little man, Moose continually uses his power to cut off Trey while Trey tries to use his speed and high flying abilities to work around Moose. Some fantastic hope spots for Trey Miguel as they lean hard on the ‘ultimate underdog’ vibe both in the ring and on commentary. Trey manages to reverse the Lights Out spear once but falls victim to it on the second go around.

Following the match EC3 once again attacks and lays out Moose, but this time he takes the TNA Championship with him as he leaves the building.

Backstage Reno Scum delivers the wad of cash they stole from Rhino last week to Hernandez. Scum calls him out for attempting to shortchange him, but he pays up and tells the team to come see him again as he may have more work for them in the future.

A video package highlighting Eric Young is shown going over all the different roles he has played in his career and how he is now in his purest form as the World Class Maniac, and he is doing this for him, and him alone.

The IMPACT! Plus Flashback Moment Of The Week takes us back to IMPACT on 05/11/2015 for a stretcher match between Kurt Angle and Eric Young which Young would win following two piledrivers.

Backstage Jimmy Jacobs is with Willie Mack asking about where his head is at following the Eric Young attacks on Rich Swann and himself last week. Brian Myers interrupts and pulls Jimmy away for his own sit-down interview, where he talks about how being a good hand and listening to the veterans isn’t enough. He says he is disgusted that decisions about his career are made by an out of touch 70 year old man in a goofy production meeting. He claims he is taking the business into his own hands before being attacked by Willie Mack.

Following the break we get another #Heath4IMPACT vignette criticizing Joe Biden for picking his running mate on a Tuesday and taking his thunder. He says he needs to be hired so he can help Rhino prevent attacks from Reno Scum, and he still has kids.

Tag Team Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers

Result: The Good Brothers win following a Magic Killer.

Thoughts: Starting a little slow, Austin and Fulton manage to successfully cut the ring in half isolating Anderson away from Big LG. Anderson finally gets the tag as does Austin bringing in the two big men for a big hoss battle as the match swings back and forth. Commentary notes how well Austin and Fulton are working as a team, and the fact can’t be denied that the two of them look like the team that has been established for years in comparison to the Good Brothers. Austin and Fulton keep using a suplex onto Austin’s knees but go to the well one too many times, allowing Galows to finally get the big hot-tag. The Good Brothers attempt a Magic Killer but Fulton breaks it up. Fulton gets his foot stuck in the ringside barricade while battling with Gallows leading to another hot tag and a Magic Killer for the win.

Back to WrestleHouse where the Deaners discover that someone stole their beer. They accuse Acey but Susie reminds them of their truce. Lawrence and Rosemary have a little back and forth in front of Bravo, clearly making him jealous as per the plan. Following a break it’s match time.

WrestleHouse Singles Match: Taya vs. Kylie Rae (Special Referee Rosemary)

Result: Kylie Rae wins with a superkick.

Thoughts: The match is your standard back and forth WrestleHouse match but takes a turn when Rosemary trips up Kylie, giving Taya a clear advantage. Kylie fights back from beneath but Rosemary continues to give her a slow count. Taya and Rosemary almost collide, allowing Kylie to take the win with a superkick.

Following the match, Rosemary promises to see Lawrence next week, Crazzy Steve tells Bravo he’s blowing it, and the Deaners discuss finding out who took their beer.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne run down the card for next week’s Emergence Night Two, which will include Willie Mack taking on Brian Myers after their scuffle earlier tonight, more WrestleHouse, EC3, Eddie Edwards will defend the IMPACT World Championship and the 30 Minute Iron Man match for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship with Deonna Purrazzo defending against the former champion Jordynne Grace.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (C) vs. The North

Result: The Motor City Machine Guns retain via pinfall.

Thoughts: Arguably the match I’ve been most looking forward to since it was announced, this one did not disappoint. An extremely fast paced match that sees The North take an early advantage until one slight miscalculated blow allows the Machine Guns to start firing on all cylinders. Almost like a game of chess, both teams alternate being in control, with all four competitors getting a spotlight shone on them. In the end all four men battle it out in the middle with the Machine Guns claiming victory following a neckbreaker and top rope splash combo. A great back and forth match that was the undeniable highlight of the night.

Join us next week for Emergence Night Two with another stacked show!


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