Increasing Endurance and Stamina For Modern MMA Fighters

As an MMA fighter, your body has to be finely tuned and maintained to support your activities. Unfortunately, even fighters who are in great shape and who do all the right conditioning exercises can hit plateaus when it comes to stamina and endurance. While this is true, there are steps you can take to give your body and brain the boost needed to keep going. From mixing up your workout equipment like using custom pools Las Vegas to taking care of your mental health, these ideas will provide some actionable tips to implement into your daily routine.  

Diversification Is Key

Sparring, drilling, and training using weights are all effective ways for MMA athletes to improve their skills, strength, and capabilities. While this is true, it can also be beneficial to try other activities from time to time too. For example, play a different sport like tennis or basketball. This will help you improve your senses, core strength, balance, and athletic abilities. Some of the top football players were also baseball players, like Deion Sanders, who played in the World Series and Super Bowl. You can do more than MMA, and it will help your endurance when you get in the ring.

Use a Training Tire

Find out if your training center offers access to a training tire. If they don’t offer one now, find out if they will order it. You will find dozens of movements you can do with this type of tire to build power and strength. Tire training also improves your grip and stamina, making it a well-rounded, beneficial workout tool.

Engage In Compound Isolation Exercises

If you aren’t sure what exercises to do, choose the movement that will use the largest number of muscle groups. For example, between leg extensions and squats, squats are the obvious winner. When it comes to chin-ups and lat pulldowns, chin-ups should be your go-to exercise.

Engaging your stabilizer muscles and several different muscle groups will help you use more muscle fibers. This results in more oxygen, blood and a bigger opportunity for you to increase your stamina.

Train Somewhere New

If you run every day, you probably use the same block or track and go the same distance every day. A good way to shake things up is by finding somewhere new to run. In most cases, this will lead to you running further, which will help boost your stamina.

Take Steps to Ensure Optimal Health

You will see the most stamina gains when you train consistently for an ongoing amount of time. You will not get in peak cardiovascular condition if you only train for three weeks out of the month. It will also help you stay in the game if you avoid alcohol, take care of your mental health, and get plenty of sleep. Failure to do this is going to impact your performance in the ring.

Reduce Your Rest Time Between Sets

It doesn’t matter if you lift weights, spar, sprint, or run drills; it is possible to improve your aerobic capacity if you shorten your rest time between each set. Taking just 60 seconds to rest, rather than 90 seconds, will go far when it comes to increasing your oxygen output abilities.

Spar More

Going to the gym and training on machines is great and effective for building strength. However, nothing is going to force your lungs to work harder than if you are engaging in hand-to-hand combat by drilling and sparring with another person who is similar to your strength and size. Be sure to mix things up from time to time to help make your lungs work even harder.


As you can see, there are several things you can do and steps you can take to improve your endurance and stamina. Try one or all the tips here to begin building your abilities and to see even bigger gains. As an MMA fighter, it is up to you to improve your training, and the tips here will help you achieve optimal performance in the ring. 


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