Interesting Facts About UFC Fighter Dennis Hallman

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Fans of Ultimate Fighting Championship enjoy more than watching the contestants take each other out in the ring. Those who consider themselves part of the dedicated following of UFC also enjoy knowing as much as they can about the various fighters who take part in competitions. The more that you know about greats like Dennis Hallman, the easier it is to gain insight into the how and why of the fighter. Hallman is a perfect example, as there are some truly interesting facts surrounding this legend.

Whether you’re vaguely familiar with Hallman or you have watched plenty of his matches, there’s always something new to learn. Take time to look over these fascinating facts and gain some perspective on this well-known name in the UFC.

His Nickname

Though he might go by his given name of Dennis Lloyd Hallman in many respects, this is a fighter who also has a nickname associated with him. When in the ring, he is known as Superman. Though his exact reasons for taking this moniker are not widespread enough to speculate on, the UFC has used the name to their advantage in several ways. 

Since Superman is a nod to the DC Comics character of the same name, there have been many fights designed to act as references to notable moments in the hero’s history. The best example of this is when Hallman fought John Howard. With Howard going by the name Doomsday and Hallman fighting as Superman, the match was meant to refer to the iconic comic moment when Superman fought the killer creature known as Doomsday. 

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His Coeliac Disease

In order for fighters in the UFC to perform their best, they must follow strict diets and exercise regimens. While this might seem like an obvious point in being a fighter, there are some aspects of this that can be a struggle. For Hallman, eating certain foods containing gluten can cause major stomach upsets and other digestive issues. This is because Hallman has Coeliac Disease, a somewhat common affliction that causes those suffering from it to have difficulty processing gluten and foods containing derivatives of gluten. For Hallman, this has made training a challenge in many ways.

The connection between gluten and acid reflux is an aspect of diet that many people overlook. If you’re someone who suffers from heartburn on a regular basis, it could be pointing to the fact that you are living with some type of gluten or digestive issue. Consulting with a doctor is the best way to discover the cause of the discomfort. For Hallman, learning about his condition made it easier to find sensible alternatives for supplements and meals that allow him to perform as he always has.

His Basic Information

There are a handful of interesting points to know about Hallman that all fall under a general categorization. He was born in Olympia, Washington in December 1975. Hallman’s first official fight in the UFC was in 1996, but his most notable early fight took place in 1998 when he fought former welterweight champion Matt Hughes. Since Hughes is a UFC Hall of Famer, this is a fight that put Hallman on the map during the earliest phases of his career. Like any fighter, he has suffered plenty of losses. Currently, his longest streak of losses falls at six. 

Hallman has fought consistently for several decades. His career began in 1996, and he continued straight until 2007. After a break, he returned for the period of 2009 until 2011. He came back a final time to fight from 2013 through 2015. As of then, Hallman has not taken part in any fights.

His Future

While Hallman has not taken part in any UFC events in many years, he also has never made a statement about his retirement. For fans, there is hope that he will return to the ring one day. While his battle with gluten might have made his time in the ring more difficult in some respects, his wins over the years have made it easy to see why he has been considered such a legend for so long. 


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