International broadcasts will bring the PFL to more people this season

The Professional Fighters League (PFL), which has made its name as the fastest growing MMA league in the world, has added another feather to its cap for the 2021 season. The league will be available to watch in 160 countries through its global network of sports broadcast partners, while it is also the only MMA league to have a regular season, playoffs, and a Championship final, which has become quite popular. Added to this is the fact that its roster currently has fighters from 25 countries, which is another reason why the league has grown in popularity all around the world.

MMA has been one of the fastest-growing sports in recent years, with more than 450 million fans globally. The PFL has looked to try and tap into this demand, by having agreements with the likes of Sky New Zealand, Titan Channel, Digi Communications N.V., and many other sports broadcasters to be able to show their MMA matches to as many people and in as many countries as possible. These deals with broadcasters will also allow them to show classic fights from PFL history, along with live PFL matches. Thus, fans will be able to relive the journeys of stars such as Emiliano Sordi, Nathan Schulte, Kayla Harrison, and Ray Cooper III, among many others. PFL Studios, which is the global media division of the PFL, responsible for producing original content for TV, mobile, and digital platforms, will also be creating brand-new content for this purpose as well.

Of course, this is in line with the general trend seen recently where people have been looking for more and better entertainment options online. Various tech advances have meant that there is a wide range of entertainment at customers’ fingertips, with online casinos being just one example of this. Players can now go online to play games for money at the click of a button, which has meant that there has been quite an increase in the number of people choosing to do so. It is this ease and convenience that the PFL must look to offer if it is to remain an attractive entertainment option for MMA and sports fans in the future.

In terms of PFL’s broadcast partners, the Titan Channel is Spain’s first OTT platform solely dedicated to combat sports, and it is available in 60 countries, including Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Panama, Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico, among others. The channel has also launched the Titan Channel HD, in partnership with the various local cable providers, across these countries. Sky New Zealand has been one of the most popular sports and entertainment channels in New Zealand, while Digi Communications reaches more than 8.4 million households in Romania and Hungary, while it will also deliver PFL matches to the Czech Republic. Thus, this shows the truly global reach of the league through these partnerships, and it is hoped that the PFL will continue expanding as it becomes more and more popular.

The 2021 PFL season is set to begin on 23rd April, with the Regular Season continuing till 25th June, and the Championship Final scheduled for New Year’s Eve, as always. The likes of Emiliano Sordi, Argentina’s first MMA champion, and Nathan Schule, Brazil’s two-time PFL champion, are set to return, while Fabricio Werdum will make his debut, having been a top heavyweight MMA fighter throughout his career, and also hailing from Brazil. Thus, the new season is expected to have heavy viewership in those countries at least, while there will definitely be global attention on the results of the various matches as the season progresses.

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