Interview with Canadian fighter Damian Johnston 

Tuesday December 8, 2015– When Damian Johnston was younger, he snuck out to watch UFC 87 with his older brother. From that moment on, he knew fighting was something he wanted to pursue. Now a blue belt with 1 win as a pro fighter it’s becoming reality. Fighting out of Gracie Humaita  in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

However don’t under-estimate his striking:

 “I love proving people wrong and a lot of people just see a jits guy . I’ve been working really hard on my boxing and kickboxing so I definitely want to end things dominantly from standup in the next one”

Damian’s last fight was a catch weight at 175 but he will be moving down to 170 for his next fight which is yet to be announced. Staying near fight weight isn’t always fun, with eating healthy, so what’s on the menu after a fight?

“After fight meal Would definitely include beer, skittles and poutine” (A Canadian food for those not in the know, it’s Definitely not allowed while eating clean!)

He is highly motivated by his competitive nature and desire to win. Thanks to a former coach Shane Campbell, who got him hooked on kick boxing and into his first MMA fight.

“I hate losing and that feeling of regret that you coulda done more so that always pushes me through that next rep or next round knowing that I never wanna be the guy not getting his hand raised at the end of it all”

Outside the gym Johnston is a student and works security and construction. When he has some down time (which sounds rare) you can find him relaxing and taking it all in with some music.

“I can really listen to anything but country is definitely at the top of the list”

As for fight day?

“No phones or communication the day of the fight, i definitely like to separate myself from the outside world because no one can help you when you’re in there”

Stay tuned to for more info on upcoming fights from Damian as well as his pursuit to bring home a Canadian belt in the future.

By: Korey Lane



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