Interview with Jacob “Stitch” Duran as he talks about Reebok, UFC and a Fighters Union

Tuesday August 11, 2015–’s Journalist/Correspondent Mozz Manzoor got the chance to interview veteran CutMan, Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran.  He had some very interesting insights to share. We touched on his thoughts on the UFC’s Reebok deal, the prospects of a fighters’ union, and what he is working on for the future. You can listen to the interview below in its entirety.

Jacob’s thoughts on the prospects of a fighter’s union were particularly interesting.  Last week, The Teamsters Local 986 and the Culinary Worker’s Union Local 226 announced their intention to help UFC fighters unionize. Jacob wondered

“Are you doing it for the sake of the union or are you doing it for the sake of the fighters?”

He goes on to say:

“They’re more looking after themselves, than they are for the fighters.  At this point they’re just using the fighters as a pawn. That’d be my guess.”

He feels that a fighters association, might be a better fit for the fighters. He goes on to say, that he can see the unions filling a supporting role for an association of fighters.

His thoughts on the UFC’s Reebok deal are also worth a listen. He recounts how the sponsorship moneys that he lost due to the deal supported a few full-time employees at his brand, One More Round. He mentioned that the CutMen were told a year ago that they would have to drop their sponsors, and would have to wear Reebok attire, without being compensated for it.

He did let us know that many more financial opportunities are opening up for him, since his departure from the UFC.

“I gotta thank Dana for helping me kickstart my new career. Because he spoke so bad about it, everybody supported me.”

He seemed energized about the state of the industry and his place in it, adding

“They picked on the wrong guy.”

Listen to the interview below:

Thanks for the time, Stitch.


By: Mozz Manzoor

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