Tuesday September 1, 2015– Josh “Anqa” Samman is a fighter on the rise. The 27-year-old from Miami is riding a three fight win streak and looks set to be one to watch in the coming months. I recently caught up with “Anqa” to ask him a few questions, the results are below!

MMAPOCKET: Hi Josh, congratulations on your recent submission win over high level BJJ black belt Caio Magalhaes. How did it feel to beat an opponent at his own game?

JOSH SAMMAN. Hey Dave, thanks.
To be honest, we train hard everywhere. There is no “his” game and “my” game, they are all mine.

MP: At the end of that fight, Magalhaes appeared to spit blood at you as you walked away. Did you notice, and what are your thoughts on the incident?

JS: I didn’t notice until I saw the replay, I was just aware of him refusing to shake my hand. I don’t like being spat at, but I’d have rather them have not suspended him just so he can get back to his winning ways and make us look better in the process.

MP: So how did you get into MMA and what were you doing before?

JS: I first got into MMA at 16. I did personal training and sales before embarking on my MMA career.

MP: You turned pro back in 2007, What do you think are the biggest things you’ve learned so far in your MMA career?

JS: Goal setting and diligent hard work are the keys to success.

MP: You made your name on the Ultimate Fighter, how did you find that whole experience?

JS: It was an amazing experience, I would do it all over again.

MP: What has been your toughest fight to date?

JS: It has to be a tie between the Kevin Casey and Ryan Hodge fights.

MP: It’s clear you are a very focused individual when it comes to your own career, but who is your favorite fighter to watch as a fan?

JS: Conor has been a blast to watch lately.

MP: And what’s your favourite all time fight from a fan perspective?

JS: Nick Diaz Vs. Takanori Gomi back in Pride.

MP: Do you favour a one punch knockout win or flawless submission?

JS: To get through a hard-fought bout and come out with a KO win is ideal.

MP: What’s your favourite technique to utilize in the cage?

JS: Double punch ground strikes.

MP: Do you have a particular routine or any superstitions before a fight?

JS: I’m eating and sleeping all day before the fight.

MP: So what’s your favourite post-weigh in meal?

JS: Grilled chicken and wheat pasta.

MP: You have been on a tear in the UFC since coming out of The Ultimate Fighter and you’re currently riding a 3 fight winning streak. Where do you see your career in 12 months from now?

JS: I’d like to think top 15 in the division with several performance bonuses along the way.

MP: What advice would you give to any young aspiring fighters?

JS: Wear headgear.

MP: With recent failed tests, what are your views on the current situation regarding these failed drug tests and the use of PEDS in the UFC and indeed MMA in general?

JS: We need to get the cheaters out, and change the protocol on marijuana failures.

MP: You’ve suffered a lot of setbacks so far in your career, both through injury and personal tragedy. How have you managed to bounce back from these situations and remain focused in your job as a fighter?

JS: Martial arts has always been a creative outlet for me and the vehicle it provides for  accomplishments makes it worth the hard work I put in every day.

MP: Ok Josh just for fun, tell us something random about you that not many people know.

JS: I like to sing and play my guitar.
MP: Well thanks for taking the time out to talk with me Josh, and I wish you all the best in the future!

JS: No problem, thanks.

Samman is expected to face returning veteran Tamdan McCrory on December 19 at UFC on Fox 17 in Miami FL.

By: Daid Hay (MMApocket)

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