Iowan Todd Monaghan is BACK in WAKO Team USA vs Team Canada Kickboxing

WAKO’USA K1 Fighter: Todd Monaghan
Born: 2-14-1983
Height 6’2” 250
Kickboxing record: 0-0, MMA 9-2
Gym: Owner/Operator-Iowa Top Team (Clinton, Iowa)
Lives: Clinton, Iowa
Pro MMA Titles: Career- 4
Opponent: Scott Bartlet Team CANADA Kickboxing
Bout Weight: 230lb
Rules: WAKO K1 Rules:
Main Card: NO- Head Gear/Shin Guards
Undercard: YES- Head Gear/Shin Guards
Last 8 (MMA): 7-1 (since TUF 19 )
Win Streak: 2 MMA

Todd Monaghan will make his WAKO USA Kickboxing debut on the Main card of Team USA vs Team CANADA Feb. 1, in Des Moines, Iowa. He will face Scott Bartlet of Team CANADA in a 230lb K1 rules bout. Monaghan’s only defeat in his last 8 MMA bouts was by decision on season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter TV series..


Originally from Texas, Todd Monaghan is a long time resident of Iowa, moving here as a result of an adoption, when he was too young to remember. Monaghan a Preacher first, runs his gym (Iowa Top Team), plus travels the country preaching, and helping in youth self improvement programs. Monaghan, recently has taken in, a troubled youth, himself. Stating that child is doing well now.

MMA Begins

When I inquired how he got into MMA he replied basically that fighting was more attractive vs. punching a time clock, plus “I love to compete”. Preferring combat sports, over other forms of competition.

Kickboxing Interest Builds

When asked how his involvement with WAKO USA and Global Cagefighting Championship came about?

Monaghan, indicated he had been wanting to get his kids into kickboxing (competition) for a while, but hadn’t started anything yet. Several at his gym competed on the last Nov 9 WAKO’USA/GCC Card, explaining “I really liked how Nate ran the show, I mean there were kids there doing cartwheels and handstands. I saw a 3 year old there.” He went on to express that at some MMA events (pauses), the atmosphere/mood can appear a little challenging, and found the Nov 9 WAKO/GCC kickboxing atmosphere, competitive with a lighter mood as well, having youth competition, Combined with adult. As a result, he wanted to get himself and his gym more involved. He stated that when he spoke with WAKOUSA staff, and started asking more questions, ”I liked what I heard”.

Preacher First/Youth Outreach

‘’I’m a preacher, then a fighter
Not, a fighter, then a preacher’’

Monaghan described how he also travels the country spreading the word, and helping Youth outreach type programs, I sensed his satisfaction, Spiritually enhancing others, while saying “preaching is his favorite thing to do”. He participates at many facilities across the U.S. in effort to educate our youth to aid them into better decision making/belief down the road, and into adulthood.

Gym Program

At Iowa Top Team-Monaghan has a roster of 20 youth he trains at his gym, between ages of 3-10 in his Lil Tikes Kickboxing program. A few amongst his adult program, are top ranked in Midwest or US regions-Mark Stoddard, Eric Wisely, and Jeff Jepson.

Gym Owner

At age 35, Monaghan was ranked #1 himself, until recently when he got bumped, due to competition inactivity. Managhan’s MMA record stands at 9-2, and has won his last 2 by KO/TKO, both in the 1st round. Most of Monaghan’s wins are by TKO/KO. His only decision on his record is from TUF 19, being his only defeat since 2013.

Weight Division: Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight

Fast Fact: Monaghan has only fought fighters with 1 loss or less, the entirety of his career

Father/Son Kickboxing Debut

Monaghan will get back to competing again, for WAKO’USA on the Team USA vs Team Canada Feb. 1 in Des Moines, Iowa. The main card will be 5 bouts, in addition to the undercard portion. Managhan has held several Pro MMA Titles over his career, now is eager to compete, and start his kickboxing career. Ali, Todd’s 13 year old son, is 3-1 as a boxer, will also make his kickboxing debut. Dad, went on to say “it’s exciting” to compete/debut in Kickboxing on the same card with his son .

When I (FightBookMMA) reached out to the President of WAKO USA Rob Zbilski for comment he had this to say regarding Monaghans arrival:

“I am very happy to see Todd Monaghan on the team. I look forward to his leadership, and experience to help Team USA win against CANADA. We are really trying to build Team USA as professional sports organization. My goal for Team USA is like any other professional sports organisations, we will eventually sign athletes to agreements and can/will fight for our country” Country singer Luke Garrison will perform live, following the fight action (at Seven Flags Event Center)”


Event (Main card) will be televised Feb. 1 on FITETV, LIVE from Des Moines, Iowa


*NOTE: Main Card bouts Feb 1 will be non headgear/ non shin guards. Fight stats in report used from

All Iowa Firefighters and Police-Free Admittance.

By Cameron Chrisp
Event Date: Feb 1, 2019
Venue: 100 N.W. 100 St., Clive, Iowa/Seven Flags Event Center/Tickets at (all
Report Sponsor: Sean The Barber (Blades Barbershop/ Des Moines,IA )

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