Tuesday May26th, 2015– Boxing, like many sports involves the physical engagement of the competing parties. This makes it very difficult to predict what can happen in the course of this game. Dramas usually unfold to the surprise of fans. Even fans who like engaging themselves in sports betting are not capable of predicting some of the controversies that happen in boxing. Below are some of the craziest things to have ever happened in the world of boxing competitions.

Fierce celebrations

James Butler from New York fought with Richard Grant during a charity event in November 2001. The event was meant to benefit survivors of September 11 attack. Although Butler lost to Grant, he raised his hands to congratulate Grant to the amusement of his fans. When Grant walked towards him for a hug, Butler knocked Grant out with his bare fist, an incident that led to severe facial and mouth problem to Grant. This was entirely unexpected, and even those who participate in professional sports betting could not have predicted that would happen.

Corrupt referee

On March 17, 1990, Julio Cesar Chavez fought Meldrick Taylor in an extremely competitive match. Both of them were active fighters and undefeatable. Despite this, referee Richard Steele favored Chavez. Taylor dominated the match up to almost the end when Chavez knocked him down. To the surprise of many fans most of whom do sports betting, Steele ended the game two minutes to time. He also went ahead to declare Chavez the champion. This was unfair to Taylor and his fans because if only the much could have gone to the end, he could have carried the day.

Andrew Golota Vs Riddick Bowe

Boxers and their fans might get charged in the course of the completion and end up fighting each other ruthlessly. This is precisely what happened on July 11, 1996 in Madison Square Garden during the face-off between Andrew Golota and Riddick Bowe. Although both of them had a chance to win the completion, Bowe decided to hit Golota below the belt severally despite several warnings. This is after Golota appeared to overdo him to some extent. When referee realized that Bowe was not ready to stop his evil actions, he disqualified him and this is when Bowe fans descended on Golota and his fans and a fight that led to a lot of injuries started. A match of two people ended up being fierce boxing activity for everyone.

Mayweather Vs Zab Judah

This fight which took place in April of 2006 went the way most of Floyd Mayweather jrs’ fights go as his superior speed and timing had Judah in troubles several times in the match. Even Though Judah fought valiantly and in the second round scored a knockdown which was later ruled out a slip by the referee. And during the fourth round Judah had Mayweather against the ropes forcing him to cover up. It was clear that Mayweather had the better of him coming into the later rounds. By the tenth and final round with ten seconds to go Judah deliberately hit Mayweather below the belt and followed it up with a punch to the back of the head. The following brawl which could almost be considered for a new type of sports betting ensued and a violent melee continued for several minutes causing multiple injuries. The injuries and the brawl wouldn’t last as long as the embarrassment to the sport. Just another in a long line of crazy moments on behalf of Floyd.

By: Tony Samboras

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