Jake Paul expresses disappointment regarding PPV business with Tyron Woodley

Internet celebrity Jake Paul has made waves in the combat sports world with his involvement in boxing, as he racked up a knockout defeat against rival and former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley. As one would think his latest bout against Woodley would generate massive business, reports state otherwise.

According to Steven Muelhausen, the second Paul/Woodley bout garnered less than 60,000 PPV buys. While a report such as this has made its way around the internet, one must take it at face value as a rumor.

Paul himself later went on his official Twitter to deny such reports of the alleged PPV number. However, it is worth noting that Paul, while denying such reports, has admitted that his latest PPV bout was a disappointment regarding business.

“The PPV number rumors are bullsh*t,” Paul stated via his Twitter account.

“First fight [with] Woodley, we sold[over]500k. Numbers for this one are still rolling in but still looking positive. Not my best business night.”

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Though been widely known as an internet celebrity rather than a credible boxer, it’s generally thought Jake Paul’s PPV bouts would garner massive business considering his controversial name recognition. However, past PPV numbers may indicate that Paul and other internet celebrity-turned boxers aren’t on the level of PPV stardom as some initially thought they were. It’s worth noting that Youtube vs. TikTok boxing event was a massive disappointment regarding PPV business. It wasn’t enough to break even with the production of the show, according to Bloodyellow.

It shows that it takes more than being just a controversial celebrity to be a box-office draw in the boxing world. Paul has the charisma and has, no doubt, showcased skill, but it’s not enough. The only question is whether or not Paul can outlast an experienced professional boxer. And with rumors of him getting into MMA, does he have what it takes to succeed in the MMA world?


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