Jake Paul has purchased shares in the UFC’s parent company

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Jake Paul announced on Twitter that he has purchased shares in the UFC’s parent company. Doing so, he continues to speak up on increasing fighter pay. As we all know, Paul has been a long advocate to increase UFC fighter pay. Paul has completed the purchase of stocks in Endeavour Group Holdings the company which owns the UFC alongside investment partner Geoffrey Woo.

Jake Paul’s business Partner Geoffrey Woo comments: “My partner Jake has lead the way in changing the business of combat sports by not just talking about it, but being about it — fighter pay, healthcare, & championing women’s sport. And today is our next step in our vision of revolutionizing the industry. UFC has faced a rising chorus of criticism for the exploitation of its athletes the [love] of [the] biz. The ratio of revenue going to athletes vs. owners & leagues is well below industry standard. This disparity hurts long-term shareholder value & this is not going to magically change. Jake is the archetype of the future, where individual transcends the machine. This is happening across all sectors — media, entertainment, & tech start-ups where dynamic, innovative individuals & creators are bargaining toe-to-toe w the owners, the institutions, and the academy. We believe the best way to accelerate this inevitable revolution is to lead it from within the UFC as co-owners & impact investors. We will use our investment stake to rally fans, athletes, fellow shareholders, and management to do the right thing. Paul’s latest move comes amid a contract standoff between the UFC and its heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou.”

The amount of stock purchased was not revealed. Paul feels that by buying these shares of EDR, he can make a change to the UFC pay structure and healthcare options. It’s unlikely that Paul will have voting rights on such issues. Paul is coming off a knockout win over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley back in December boosting his professional boxing record to 5-0.


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