Jason South: SteelFist FIght Night Welterweight Champ

Thursday January 14, 2016 At the age of 29, Jason was watching a marathon of Royce Gracie fights, when something clicked. Never being involved with sports before, he had sparked an interest in Jiu jitsu. He received a months worth of gym time from his mother in law and gave it a go. His first few experiences involved him being man handled by guys smaller than him. 

“I was a solid 215 and getting beat by guys about 145-155. I’m not a guy with an ego, a lot of guys would have said screw this and walked out. I was complete opposite. I was just thinking imagine what I could do with that kind of skill at my size”

Jason has meddled the Pan Ams and When Tuf season 16 rolled around he got as far as fighting to get in the house. Unfortunately he lost that fight to Mike Ricci  by TKO. Now Looking back now he says it’s all a learning experience but was a hard pill to swallow. Not so much from the loss but the missed opportunity.  

“I didn’t make it into the house, at the time I was doing a lot of brawling just wearing guys out standing in front of them. Something you can do in the gym with bigger gloves but those smaller gloves it just isn’t the same. I got knocked down tried to get up and got hit again.” 

“The mover” who got his name from his previous experience as a furniture mover. Is now more of a jack of all trades, married and a father of 3 kids, he works full-time as a roofer in Utah as well as side jobs. 

South  recently earned his black belt in Jiu Jitsu and is comfortable anywhere fights will take him. 

“It’s funny everyone thinks all I can do is grapple, but I love stand up. It just so happens my submission game is pretty good.”

His record is now 12-2 with 10 by way of submission and 2 wins via KO/TKO. You can check out his awesome submission win against Phil Dace (via triangle) or his dominate win against Chris Kennedy winning by Tko (knees). He’s making no predictions when it comes to his upcoming title fight for Steel Fist Fight Night ️vs Tallon Torres. (March 11,2016 in Salt Lake City Ut, under the Steel Fist Banner)

“We were suppose to fight a few times in the past, but just missed each other. It’s a fight I’ve always been excited to take” 

Torres the former welter weight champ (10-5-0) had to step away from the belt to heal from injuries sustained outside the Cage. Come March the question is, who is the real champ? South was respectful when saying that Torres is a talented guy and Jason can’t wait to fight him. 

South revs up his training next week for this fight. He’s healthy feeling good and ready to get a win. 

When asked if he had any words to say to his opponent or about him, he said 

“I don’t have to ️hate you to hit you.” 

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By: Korey Lane



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