We have seen Joe Lauzon fight many battles in the cage but that is nothing compared to what his son faced from the moment he was born. Baby Joey was born on January 12, 2014 and what was supposed to Joe and Katelyn’s happiest time of Joe and of their life quickly became a fight no one could prepare for.

Immediately following Joey’s birth it was discovered that he aspirated meconium and was having breathing problems. The doctors immediately transferred him to the neonatal care unit in hopes of stabilizing his condition. Although a chest X-ray revealed a mass, doctors believed that it was a normal finding. Joey spent four days in the NICU showing no signs of improvement. The neonatologist at South Bay Hospital then decided to order a consolation from Boston’s Children’s Radiology Department.

After a series of tests, including a MRI, CT and a biopsy, it was determined by doctors that he had an enlarged liver. An enlarged Liver is a very common finding in nueroblastoma a very rare cancer in infants.

Joey’s presentation didn’t fit the typical case, says Shusterman. “Neuroblastoma is about the last diagnosis we would expect in a baby with respiratory distress.” Later that evening, baby Joey’s oncologist confirmed Joey’s diagnosis—stage 4 neuroblastoma. A tumor the size of an adult fist was pushing on Joey’s spine. Joey was then started chemotherapy right away and was expected to have at least 8 rounds of chemotherapy. However, Joey fought the fight of his life and knocked the cancer out in only 3 rounds and as of July 3rd Joey is now cancer free.

Joe and Katelyn thought the happiest day of their life was when they first got to lay eyes on their newborn son Joey.July 3rd will now one day they will never forget hearing the great news of their life, that little boy is now healthy and cancer free!

The Lauzon’s can now move on and enjoy their young baby boy and watch him grow and enjoy all that life has to offer with a healthy baby boy.

Joe Lauzon had this to say to

“How does a baby that’s a couple days old have cancer? A third of his body were cancer cells. It’s crazy to have a tumor that big on such a tiny body. It completely caught us super off-guard. It’s the worst feeling ever and the worst news you can ever get.”

“You talk about a fighter who just bites down on his mouthpiece and goes at it, that was him. They were giving him injections and doing biopsies, taking tissue from his hips and all sorts of stuff and he didn’t cry at all. He would bite on his pacifier like ‘let’s do it.’ We kept calling him the honey badger.”

“It wasn’t the clean happy that most people get to experience. It was a really, really rocky road and such a rough start. But now, okay, it’s smooth sailing. And we held it together pretty well. Obviously, we both had a couple of times where we’re bawling our eyes out, but we were there for each other and we became way tighter as a couple because of the whole thing. He’s a happy baby, he loves to play. He doesn’t really fuss much. Basically, if he’s crying, it’s because he’s hungry, needs to get his diaper changed, or he’s tired. I see a lot of other babies and they’re just little whine bags. (Laughs) Honestly, he’s completely content. You sit him somewhere and he’s just looking around the room, and he’s great. He’s sleeping through the night now, and he’s just a real happy, healthy baby, he’s completely content. You sit him somewhere and he’s just looking around the room, and he’s great. He’s sleeping through the night now, and he’s just a real happy, healthy baby.”

Just when you thought Joey’s fathercould kick some ass in the cage, we know his son obviously takes after his father and he didn’t let it go the distance knocking it out in the early rounds.

Joe Lauzon can now go into his next fight with a clear head and light heart to face Michael Chiesa on September 5, 2014 at UFC Fight Night at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Leydard, Connecticut.

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