By: R Eric Ellsion

Conflict 22 firing out of Columbia, SC on November 8th is absolutely stacked with upcoming ammy’s, many on the verge of breaking out. Joel Jackson, no stranger to the Conflict MMA scene, stops by to talk to us about his impending fight with Michael Whaley, who also happens to be his cousin.

Fight Club Series has done an amazing job of providing an excellent, pro level platform for amateur fighters on the rise. Check out this fantastic interview with Jackson below, and be there November 8th in Columbia, South Carolina for all the action!

#1 R Eric Ellison: Obviously the first question I have to ask is, what’s it like facing off against Michael Whaley, who is your cousin? That’s got to be interesting.

Joel Jackson:  Fighting Michael is like any other fighter. Yea he is family and my old sparring partner. I hope he is better than before(not saying he was bad before) because like I’m a different fighter I know he will have something to surprise me with.

#2 Heading back to the cage again, what has 2014 meant for you as a fighter?
2014 has been fun. I wanted to get all the experience I could get in the cage and I’ve done that. Now in the end of the year it’s been more about being smarter as a fighter from weight cuts to rest time between fights. I have to start thinking as if I am a pro that wants to keep this going for as long as I can.

#3 Conflict MMA has really exploded this year. With fight cards all over the Southeast, how has it been being a part of this bombshell year for the promotion?

It’s been a great experience. What Jared and his guys do with Conflict is a good job. I can’t wait to be on the next card.

#4 You’ve been cutting quite a path across the Low Country. What keeps you coming back to the cage time and again?

That’s simple I love doing what I do. Win or lose I have to have another. Its an addiction and I love it. When I lose I want to work harder and go back to fight. When I win I’m just gonna prove I’m better again. As long as I can lift my arms I will keep going.

#5 When you sit back and look at this upcoming clash at Conflict 22, what are some of the challenges you see that get you excited for fight night?

Its my cousin that is fighting for a rapidly growing gym in Columbia. I have history with Fudo Shin bit that’s what it is history the gym along with Michael and the other fighters have advanced and gotten better. That kind of thought that you will be tested no matter who is in the cage you should feel good to know that you will leave knowing your the best that night.

#6 Can you tell us a little about your team and where you train?
CMMA is the gym where I train at now in Charleston. The camp is great I’m surrounded by great guys. Coaches make it simple for me to learn and repetition everyday. When I go to training I know what combination to hit just off muscle memory. My coaches Pierre and Jeff Grady have gotten my striking and MMA improving everyday and it’s only the beginning.

#7 You hunting down that title or taking things as they come?

I’m always hunting for the next best thing. I will have a title, I will go pro and I will have a pro title. I push to be legendary all the time.

#8 With so many people heading to Columbia November 8th for this card, if you could leave one impression on all these fans on fight night, what would you want it to be?

I guess I would want people to see how much I will push to be all I can and take everything this sport has to offer. Not stopping when your present looks grim but working hard to make your future shine.

#9 As always, we would love to hear about anybody or any sponsors helping you get ready for this one.

Of course CMMA and the great people there teaching me everything and helping me on my career in this sport. My family members, my girlfriend Kayla, the people at UR fight and Alpha One and everyone that shows support.

#10 Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about this epic battle headed our way. Last question, what sage advice would you give to all those aspiring fighters out there in the Low Country?

I would just tell anyone if you are in this sport for competition or whatever your reason go hard at it and enjoy the experience for as long as you can. Yes it’s hard work but you can’t rule if you don’t conquer so take all you can.


For the full fight card go HERE!

Conflict #22 “Conners vs Vasquez” is the 3rd part in the Fight Club Series out of Columbia, SC. Come out to enjoy the best MMA action in the cage in the Southeast! Tickets can be purchased by calling 843-603-1115 or by going online to!

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