John Kavanagh Reacts To Accusations, Welcomes All Gyms To MMA Super Cup Selection

The first edition of the MMA Super Cup was announced last Monday (10) in a press conference held in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the prospect of the largest amateur MMA tournament ever made waves in Ireland, one of the eight nations to be competing in the Super Cup.

Following a report by Severe MMA, fans, athletes, and media in the country discussed the aspects of having the nation represented in the tournament, which will be held in Bahrain during BRAVE International Combat Week, between 7 and 12 of March.

While the coaches and athletes celebrated the potential prizes on sight (a grand total of US$ 225,000 will be distributed to the top 3 teams) and the impact that such funds can have in the local scene, fans appreciated the opportunity to see their local athletes competing internationally and representing the nation’s flag against the best of the best.

Inquiring about how the Irish MMA Association (IMMAA) will be conducting its team selection process, SBG Ireland and IMMAA President John Kavanagh ensured the process will be as thorough and inclusive as possible.

“All gyms, regardless of current affiliation status, are welcome to join the IMMAA. Every gym that’s a member can have their fighters competing for a team place,” he stated.

With a track record of positive results in the IMMAF regional and international competitions, Team Ireland is seen as a top contender for the inaugural MMA Super Cup Trophy.


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