Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell talks recent Rhode Island drug test failure

Photo Credit: MRG Photography

Every professional athlete has to take a drug test before and after competition. And this could be at anytime of the day. If the test comes back positive that means the athlete will not be able to compete and face the consequences.

This happened to MMA fighter Johnny “Cupcakes” Campbell. Back in July 26, he took on Kris Moutinho at CES 57. After that fight, Campbell was scheduled to main event Cage Titans: Combat Night 2 in Plymouth, MA on September 7. But, Campbell was then made aware through Kris Moutinho’s social media that he failed his fight night drug test. That means that his victory over Moutinho would be overturned to a no contest.

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With that being said, when he finally received his drug test it showed that he failed for 50ng, and for 15ng. Rhode Island updated its drug testing standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2018. The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) states in part: “The urinary threshold level for the cannabis metabolite Carboxy-THC is 150ng (nanograms)/mL, and WADA accredited laboratories are not required to report adverse analytical findings below this level.”

Johnny was a bit confused on the test results because of what USADA stated above. FightBook MMA’s correspondent Jarett Kelly reached out to Campbell and he talks about this situation.

How did you first hear there was a violation and possible suspension?

I found out about my suspension through social media. My opponent Kris Moutinho took a photo of his personal letter and blasted it out onto insta and Facebook. The paperwork simply stated that I “John Campbell” ‘failed a Pre-Fight drug screen for a banned substance’.

Was this your first time dealing with the RIAC and fighting in Rhode Island?

I have fought in Rhode Island once before back in 2012. I fought Matt Doherty and dislocated my shoulder during the second round. The video is on YouTube. It’s an epic video. I wasn’t drug tested for that fight and wasn’t aware they even tested.

How has communication been with the RIAC? Would you fight in the state of RI again?

I would never fight in that state again. There was little to no communication between them and me. They even failed to include my ‘appeal notice’ in my (second) personal letter. Making it more difficult and more stressful to actually appeal the matter.

As of today, what is your current standing with the commission? Would you be able to fight in Massachusetts in the mean time?

Apparently at the moment I’m under ‘administrative’ suspension. Which means I could indeed fight outside of RI but would have to appear in front of whatever athletic commission I would be fighting for. To explain my situation and make my case. I’m presently only suspended in RI. Most likely because there is no actual criteria for them to suspend me. I did not actually fail any test based on their current standards.

Describe to our fans what it feels like to be accused of such allegation(s) and know that you are 100% in the right?

Its single handedly the most frustrating thing I’ve ever dealt with. To be suspended and then to discover it’s based on a mistake, and then their refusal to rectify the situation after they admit fault repeatedly. It’s like I’m in the twilight zone. It feel like I’m in an alternate reality or a bad dream and maybe I will wake up and discover it was all just a nightmare. But I cannot wake up.

What advice would you give fellow fighters to avoid or possibly avoid this situation even though you didn’t ask for it?

Knowledge is power. Ask questions. Question the promoter/event. I was told by the commission that it was CES’ responsibility to alert me of random drug testing. Which they failed to do. In the future I will know to make sure whether or not I am subject to testing. That and avoid the state Rhode Island at all costs!!

Final thoughts or any last statements you’d like to make on this situation?

Thank you! Thank you to the media! Thank you to my fans and my friends. My colleagues and my peers! Everyone has shown an incredible amount of support and regardless of how this is resolved I’m truly blessed and grateful to have such an incredible support system!

Thank you Jarrett very much for taking the time to do this for me!

Johnny Cupcakes Campbell