Jose “Shorty” Torres on New Opportunity with Brave CF, Being Respected and Future

Jose “Shorty” Torres has found his new home with Brave CF



Jose “Shorty” Torres (8-1 MMA) is looking to make an immediate impact within the Brave CF organization. Torres was recently released by the UFC after the promotion decided to ‘trade’ former flyweight king Demetrious Johnson (27-3-1 MMA) to OneFC in exchange for Ben Askren (18-0 MMA). The UFC seems to be getting rid of their flyweight division and in consequences, Torres was released by the promotion after going 1-1. Prior to being signed by the UFC, Torres was a dual-weight champion at Titan FC, holding the flyweight and bantamweight titles.

As a free agent within the world of mixed martial arts, Torres had plenty of options to sign with. Organizations throughout the world jumped on the opportunity to sign such a caliber fighter and to add him to their roster. “Shorty” is still young, only suffered one career loss and has his own following cheering him on wherever he goes. He ultimately decided to sign with the growing organization Brave Combat Federation. Brave CF is the largest mixed martial arts promotion in Bahrain and was established on 23 September 2016.

Why Brave ?

Having so many options available to him, the question that remains is what sets Brave CF apart from all the other organizations? Torres has had a relationship with the promotion’s founder Sheikh Khalid as “Shorty” was part of KHK MMA, which was a fighting team created by Khalid. “I commentated for their [Brave CF’s] first event, and they had an amazing event. But then two years pass and I commentated for their last one and I was just like, wow, this has gotten huge in only two years and you’ve been to every single continent in the world besides Antartica. That is Amazing.” Torres began telling FightBook MMA.

No promotion has ever done that in its history in two years

“It’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown. They’ve talked to me then and I talk to Sheikh Khalid, Mohammed Shahid, their CEO and they said we’re here to take care of you. We’re not here to make money off you…It’s the fact of we’re trying to promote us around the world, we’re not worried about the UFC, OneFC and all these other promotions because we’re slowly passing them up. I know they just signed another T.V deal, I know they’re pretty much in a billion households”.

One of the key factors for Torres signing with Brave CF was because they are a growing promotion. Their success in just two years is incredibly impressive and momentum seems to continue when they signed Jose Torres.

We Want to Respect You

“Shorty” has had an unbelievable career within Titan FC. Very few professional mixed martial artists can say that they have held a major promotions belt, let alone two at the same time in two different divisions. His tenure within the UFC, however, was not as smooth. He won his debut with controversy. His opponent Jarred Brooks (14-2 MMA) knocked himself out when he attempted a takedown slam on Torres. His second match, Torres lost to Alex Perez (21-5 MMA) via knockout in the first round. It was revealed in his exclusive interview with Sasha Moks of  The Complete Knockout (Via FightBook MMA) that he was never given the opportunity to properly prepare for either of those fights. Torres continued to explain that his brutal weight cut always hinged him from performing at his best.

“We’re going to give you full 2-month training camps, we will give you incentives, signing bonuses, we’re going to give you multiples of what you earned in the UFC because you deserve it. You fought for it. Then after that, we can figure out more for you.  And that’s what you want to hear” Torres continued.

Its the fact of we were going in there mainly as flyweights, going in there thinking were in the best promotion of the world [UFC] or at least the pinnacle of the sport. The only benefit I got from being in the UFC was their name. I can say I’m a UFC veteran but honestly to me that doesnt mean much.

“I’m trying to be respected, I’m not trying to get paid. Yeah, that’s a part of it but its the fact of having a resume and whoever has the best resume should get the job, not whoever has the best resume should be paid the least. It’s not a popularity contest. I get its entertainment, but it’s not how it works. We’re gladiators in the sense fighting to live and that’s really what we are, we just don’t get stabbed in the throat. In the sense, some of these promotions are stabbing us in the back and Brave isn’t doing that”.

It appears as though Jose “Shorty” Torres has finally found his home within Brave. Not only will he be on their roster as one of their elite flyweights and bantamweights, but he will also provide commentary for their events. With the sport of mixed martial arts growing and new promotions making their name within this industry, it seems that Brave Combat Federation is doing all the right things to separate themselves from everyone else.