Josh Leduc looking to make some noise in MMA


Thursday December 17, 2015– Watch out SMMACK Combat Management fighter Josh Leduc is coming and is looking to stir things up. Josh has an amateur record of 3-0 and hoping to make pro debut in April 2016.

He holds the belt at 185 for Florida’s Arena Fighting Championship, the “Star-Lord” has his sights set on shaking up the pro MMA circuit. Regardless of where he fights. Now a purple belt, Leduc realized BJJ and MMA was his calling while watching GSP arm bar Matt Hughes. Around 16 his journey began.

He splits time in two camps he explains here:

“My camp is Academia Jiu-Jitsu as well as Bostocks Martial Arts in which I run a location of Bostocks Martial Arts and am a partner.

My coaches are Bill Murphy, Pat McDonald, Clayton Lyon and David Schrock (From Academia) they primarily help me with my wrestling, judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and catch wrestling.

Whereas all my striking is done at Bostocks Martial Arts under Jack Bostock who has been my head coach and trainer for my last two fights. I recently added in Thomas Scully at Bostocks for my boxing. He was a three-time golden gloves champion and a successful pro boxer. He helps balance out my striking with Jack being a high level taekwondo master having won numerous large tournaments and spending time at the Olympic Training Center”

Do you prefer stand up or ground game?

“I’ve always preferred to work on the ground. All of my three wins are by submission. But it’s hard not to love kicking someone and seeing them drop.”

A Lot of fans prefer stand up personally I love grappling, what’s your favorite sub?

“So many fans just want to see a slug fest, but if I can get a solid takedown and finish with a quick sub I guarantee people will want to see me fight again.  I enjoy a lot of different submissions but I think my most vicious is my Americana.”

Early on it was GSP who captured his attention. However now he’s inspired by a few different fighters:

“These days I don’t admire the BJJ guys so much. I admire the guys like Sakuraba, Ken Shamrock, Josh Barnett. The submission grapplers and catch wrestlers. Bjj has become too much about the fancy guards and less about what really matters, the submission.”

Not one to mince words Josh has some words for Bellators Liam McGeary:

“I think Liam McGearys BJJ is a joke. I’m his antithesis. He puts me in his guard he won’t be walking for six months because I’ll rip one of those long legs off”

Well, looks like we have a new outspoken fighter on the rise. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram or on Facebook. For sponsorship opportunities contact SMMACK Combat Management.

By: Korey Lane



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