Josh Ricci: “I want to make a statement at CES 50!”

Unbeaten New York product Josh Ricci tries to stake his claim as the northeast’s top flyweight when he meets Jose Lugo (2-0) at CES 50 on June 15 in Lincoln, R.I., on AXS TV Fights. Before that, the 5-0 fighter sat down with FightBookMMA.

After your bout was scrapped at CES New York due to an issue with medicals, did you think you’d be fighting again so soon?

Yeah, I was looking for a fight in that next week. As soon as I was cleared to go, I wanted to get out there. I had to train quick, but I was just looking for a fight right after that. It’ll have been a year since my last fight in August. It’s not like I haven’t been looking for fights – I’ve had three fights fall through. Most of them weren’t even my fault, just this last one.

How excited are you to put the streak of bad luck behind you?

It’s been a crazy year. For me to get a win here would be great. I’m not going in looking for the win, I’m going in to fight. It’s going to be different. After the fight, people are going to say, “man, I wanna see that kid fight again.”

Does Jose remind you of yourself a few fights ago?

I’m sure there are tons of kids like that up and coming. I don’t like to compare myself to anybody. I’m by myself and I do my own thing.

What’s the most likely outcome for this fight?

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I want to finish him. Nothing against him, I’m sure he’s an awesome kid. I want to finish any fight, but especially this fight. At 5-0, I need to make a statement. I don’t see why I’m not in the UFC at 6-0. If I put on a dominating performance that night, it’ll make a good case.

There are quite a few flyweights making waves in New England these days — Carlos Candelario, Kris Moutinho, Richie Santiago, Kody Nordby to name a few. Do any of those guys pique your interest?

Any of those guys. I’d fight anybody. I’ll go against anybody, just get me the card. I don’t think I’ve ever said no to anybody. They’re all hard fights, but that’s what I want. I think I’m the best. If you don’t think you’re the best, you shouldn’t be doing the sport.


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