New York, NY – Karate Combat and CBS Sports today announced a television agreement for the upcoming third season of programming from the global leader in professional full-contact karate.

Commencing with the season premiere episode on Thursday, July 1, the twelve-episode Karate Combat: Season Three will air weekly on CBS Sports Network.

Martial arts legends Georges St-Pierre and Lyoto Machida – both of them karate black belts – lead the Karate Combat: Season Three broadcast line-up alongside regular commentator Bas Rutten.

The unique Karate Combat production values continue in season three, with the Epic Games Unreal Engine(Fortnite) and state-of-the-art CGI technology building incredible virtual environments for fighters to compete in.

This season, Karate Combat’s “real fights in unreal worlds” philosophy takes viewers on a journey from Ancient Japan to 1980s Hollywood and finally 2065 AD. The three themes pay tribute to karate’s roots, rise to mainstream prominence and potential as the fight-sport of the future.

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“CBS is a leader in the sports space and we are thrilled with this partnership. Millions of households across the US will be able to watch our biggest-ever season and see for themselves why Karate Combat is one of the fastest-growing promotions in the world today,” said Rob Bryan, CEO, Karate Combat.


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