Karate Combat Evolution recap, results and photographs

If you were thinking this event was going to be a perfectly produced, highly polished made for tv product, this isn’t it….yet. If you are looking for that underground, undisclosed location with a street fighter vibe, Karate Combat delivered! The “pit” style of fighting and action encouraged rule set kept the fighters engaged and kept the spectators entertained. The legendary Bas Rutten is great on  commentary, as we all know. What an incredible ambassador for the growing promotion.

From what I understand with speaking to the promoters and coordinators, these events are meant to live on line. Live streamed on Karate.com, twitch, YouTube, etc.. the spectators were mostly friends and family. It really serves the atmosphere well, a lot of the space is used for production crew and staff.

The fight format was briefly flashed on the screens before the prelim fight began. 3, 3:00 minute rounds for the undercard while the main event title fight was 5, 3:00 minute rounds. This is full contact Karate, however, no uppercuts, elbows, or knees allowed. If the fight ends up on the ground, the ref institutes a 5 count and stands the fighters up to press the action. The refs did a great job keeping the pace and recognizing illegal moves and handing out warnings liberally. There is no announced winner, we did not hear the judges decision, split or unanimous, only the ref raising the hand of the victor. Let’s get into the results!

There were a total of 11 bouts. A new “Gold Belt” Champion was crowned tonight in the main event!The 1 prelim match was not announced so I have no idea who the fighters were. The blue corner, a Brazilian fighter, won a decision.

Sergey Reshilov VS Mohamed Salem

Quick first round stoppage. Salem landed a take down followed by a series of right hands. Ref stops the action.

Mohamed Salem winner TKO Round 1

Ana Luiza Ferreira VS Stephanie Kaup

Rd 1

Kaup very composed in the pocket. Ana scores an early take down. These girls are trading shots but Ana is getting the most out her flurries.

Rd 2

Ana’s left hook is finding a home almost every time. Kaup landed a solid straight right that snapped Ana’s head back. Ana’s pressure is too much for Stephanie

Rd 3

Round starts with both fighters trading big shots in the middle of the pit.

Kaup catches Ana’s kick and throws a straight left again. But again Ana with a combo and a knockdown. Ref stands them up. A last effort series of punches by Kaup but Ana trips her and ends the round on top. Solid action from the women tonight.

Ana Luiza Ferreira winner Decision

Alexandre Bouderbane VS Fernando Paz

Rd 1

Alex starts the fight with a combo. Paz answers with an overhand right and a big left that flattens Alex!

Very impressive knockout

Fernando Paz winner KO round 1

Andrey Grinevich VS Velimir Jeknic

Rd 1

Andrey controlled the action in the round. Low kick is very effective, sets up Alex’s left hook nicely

Rd 2

Jeknic throws a combination and a body kick but Andrey smiles it off.

Jeknic is trying to keep distance with kicks and the round ends with double spinning back kicks. Neither landed

Rd 3

Andrey gets a big slam and 5 seconds of ground and pound. Ref calling for action. Punches are traded and Andrey lands another take down.

Andrey Grinevich winner Decision

Nadege Ait Ibrahim VS Omaira Molena

Rd 1

Mostly flurry punches leading to the clinch. Ref is breaking the fighters up constantly. Molena landing more significant shots.

Rd 2

Dirty boxing in the clinch by Molena, she is landing shots inside. Nadege throws a nice spinning back kick but Molena answered with a straight right hand. More combinations from Molena and take down ends the round

Rd 3

Nadege looks tired, slow to get up. They are slugging it out in the center of the pit. Molena’s right hand is landing flush every time.

Omaira Molena winner Decision (I saw her after her match, you couldn’t tell she was in a fight)

Igor de Castaneda VS Zeolite Habda

Rd 1

Kick heavy first round from both fighters. Igor giving a low kick clinic. Spin kick Habda, cannot get much going against Igor early on. Left and right hooks from Igor

Rd 2

Habda sweeps his opponent but Igor reverses position on the ground and punishes Habda. Igor is warned for his upper cut. Igor lands a straight left. Habda answers with a right hook of his own.

Rd 3

Igor’s low kick is the difference here. Setting up big shots. 5 seconds on the ground is a long time to get punched in the face. Habda’s nose is bloodied and possibly broken

Igor de Castaneda winner Decision

Jorge Perez VS Shahin Atamov

Rd 1

Feeling each other out, trade punches early in the round. Atomov lands a huge right followed up with ground and pound. Fight is over!

Shahin Atamov winner KO

Abdalla Ibrahim VS Davy Dona

Rd 1

Abdalla starts with an early combination. Both fighters landing punches, the action is everywhere in the pit. Big slam takedown by Dona followed by punches on the ground.

Rd 2

Jab from Abdalla to keep distance. Dona is so fast at closing though. Dona over hand just misses.

Side kick from Abdalla followed by liver shot.

Rd 3

Abdalla pressing the action. Chasing Dona.

Ibrahim landing the more significant strikes and serious ground and pound on the side of the 45 degree pit walls.

Abdalla Ibrahim winner Decision

Dionicio Gustavo VS Joshua Quayhagen

Rd 1

Gustavo unloading big shots. Combinations to the body of Joshua. Gustavo drops Quayhagen with a straight right but he is surviving. Superman punch off the side from Gustavo. Love this action.

Rd 2

Quayhagen controlling the pace early. Pressing forward. Both fighters trading combinations in the center. Body shots from Quayhagen are taking their toll on Gustavo. Breathing heavy and slowed pace.

Rd 3

Back to the body by Quayhagen. He is having a lot of success there. Still controlling the action.Gustavo is not out of this, he’s a very game fighter, landing some shots too. Trip and ground shots by Gustavo.

Last 30 seconds is the fighters standing trading punches, Quayhagen getting the better of the exchange but Gustavo will not go down. Great co-main event.

Joshua Quayhagen winner Decision


Luiz Rocha VS Edgars Skrivers

Rd 1

Skrivers takes the center of the pit. Body kick from Rocha, followed by a high kick. Both fighters have kickboxing background. Should see some big kicks. Skrivers gets take down and lands some hammer fists. Both throw a right, but Skrivers lands better, Rocha is dazed. Rocha survives on the ground.

Rd 2

Skrivers jab is landing. Skrivers is taunting Rocha, saying “come on”. Skrivers body shots are very effective in this round. Rocha not backing down, standing in there and throwing his own combinations. Rocha is cut on the nose and Skrivers has developed a mouse under his right eye.

Rd 3

Skrivers continues big shots to the body. Skrivers chopping at the legs on Rocha. Rocha looking for the big right, Skrivers lands several combinations and scores a take down. Huge liver shot drops Rocha and a few punches on the ground and it’s all over. Good stoppage as Rocha was not defending himself.

Your New Gold Belt Champion Edgars Skrivers TKO Rd 3


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