Karate Combat Title Fight Sunday! Jerome Brown (UK) vs. Josh Quayhagen (USA)

This Sunday, Karate Combat will have its first title fight of the season with two of our most experienced fighters going five rounds in the Pit for the Golden Belt. Watch Sunday at 7 p.m. ET at Karate Combat YouTube.

Karate Combat: Jerome Brown (UK) vs Josh Quayhagen (USA) Fight Card:

Main Event 10/25/20 at 7PM ET| Title Fight 75kg Category | 5 rounds : Jerome “The Brown Bear”  Brown (3-0) of UK vs. Joshua “The Preacher” Quayhagen (3-1) of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Co-Main Event: Bryan van Waesberghe “The Rampage” (0-0) of Belgium vs. Lahad “Black Lion” Cisse of Senegal & France

Jerome comes off a season opener victory with a scary twist: just as the ref raised his glove to declare a controversial win over Abdullah Ibrahim, Jerome collapsed in the Pit.

He was diagnosed with rabdo, and after recovering, and extensive tests, the doctors have cleared him to fight again. Joshua has been on a streak but in an early bout with Ibrahim he suffered a shocking defeat. He comes into this 3-1. 

“The match will be an interesting mix of styles,” said Karate Combat League President Adam S. Kovacs. “Jerome is a real karate guy, with beautiful technique and technical behavior. On the other hand, Josh is a tank. He’s a worker who just goes forward, never afraid to get hit and doesn’t care if it looks pretty or not.”

We’ll also visit Jerome at home in London and Joshua in Louisiana and see how they live and train. (Keep an eye out for Joshua doing Kata on an airboat in a swamp, while his brother with a mullet slams Budweisers and watches for gators — you’ll also see his brother in his corner during the fight).

For the Co-Main, Kovacs gives us the lowdown: “Bryan is new to us, but we watched him and know he has something special to bring us. Lahad has fought well, with one loss but some good experience in the Pit. His brother is another Karate Combat star Elhadji “Black Magic” N’Dour who has no doubt given him plenty of wisdom. Lahad trains in France, so in a way his style is similar to Bryan’s Belgian ways. But something tells me there’s going to be a big surprise in store for us in this bout!”

If you’re still not clear on the rules, let Bas Rutten beat some sense into you here.

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