Kaysen McIntosh Future Cutman

Monday April 4, 2016- When you think of Cutman the first person that comes to mind is Jacob “Stitch” Duran who people know him from being a Cutman for the UFC. But there are other Cutman that are making a name for themselves from other organizations, the “Up-and-comers” of the Cutman industry. We had the pleasure in interviewing several Cutman and they talk to us about why they became Cutman and their experience.

Cutman will always be part of the Combat Sports World. And we should take notice especially the up-and-comers. FightBookMMA had the opportunity to talked to Kaysen McIntosh, his dream is to be a Cutman.

Kaysen was born in Wichita, Ks.  He’s 7 years old and is in the first grade. Now you are probably thinking why would a 7-year-old want to be a Cutman? Before he got interested in being a Cutman he wanted to be in SWAT. When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up they sometimes answer by saying a policeman or firefighter, a Doctor etc. Kaysen however wanted to be in SWAT and now he decided he wants to be a Cutman.

When I was talking to Kaysen, I asked him what he likes to do for fun, just like any 7 yr. old he likes to play outside, play video games, play basketball and loves being around and talking to people (Mom, Kendra, tells me he can talk anyone’s ear off!). Mom told me that he also likes to go to the park and pretend that the play equipment is an obstacle course; he pretends it’s his MMA training course.

I asked him who he looks up to, he and his Mom told me that the one person that he looks up to his Dad, his uncle Travis, who is a fireman in Colorado. He also looks up to his cousin Dylan who is studying to be a paramedic in Texas and of course Bellator MMA Fighter David “Caveman” Rickels and Bellator Cutman Dean Lassiter. Oh, and let’s not forget the one and only Batman.

Kaysen and his sister, (pictured below) have spent time the last year getting some training in with one of his heroes David “The Caveman” Rickles.

Emily and Cavemann

Kaysen’s Dad, Ed, and sister Emily, are big fans of MMA for several years now. Any time the fights are on TV, they make it a family night and try not to miss the fights.

As mentioned above, Kaysen’s favorite Cutman is Dean Lassiter. I spoke to Dean about what he thought about Kaysen when he met him at Bellator 150:

I was so honored to have Kaysen to look at me in the manor he did. It isn’t often a little guy says hey I want to be a Cutman never the less like me to be specific. When I saw his pictures of him all sponsored up I took my breath away, I was very humbled at that point. I try to remain grounded and only look at my art as a job” the best job” but when his dad sent over the pic my heart was engorged. I was having a pretty tough week and that little dude really picked my spirits up. I would just like to say thanks Kaysen and thanks for taking pics with me buddy.

FB_IMG_1456636661737(Bellator Cutman Dean Lassiter with Kaysen at Bellator 150)

I asked mom how he felt when he went to the Bellator event:

He was so excited to meet the Cutmen from Bellator. He absolutely loved the attention they gave him and loved talking to them.

Matt Marsden also met up with Kaysen.

FB_IMG_1456636664931(Bellator Cutman Matt Marsden with Kaysen at Bellator 150)

Kaysen also met up with Cutman Craig Nasello. I asked what he thought of this young man with all his gear as a Cutman.

Nasello stated:

My thoughts on Kaysen I think it’s awesome that he wants to be a Cutman! That made my night, really was one of the coolest things I’ve ever had happen to me. I think it’s cool he even knows that we are Cutmen, I still have to explain it to my son and he’s 11 hahaha. But really it was just the icing on top Friday night to meet a kid like him and his family was really great.

(Bellator Cutman Sid Gee and Craig Nasello with Kaysen at Bellator 150)

Kaysen is intrigued in every aspect of MMA, with that being said, the McIntosh family spends a lot of time watching MMA and going to events when they can. What most of you probably don’t know is that Kaysen likes to practice being a Cutman on his stuffed animals.


Kaysen’s mom told me what he does with his stuffed animals:

He goes through the motions of an entire MMA event. He starts with two stuffed animals (usually his stuffed Spiderman and a white teddy bear) and he has them “weigh in” and do “smack talk” prefight interviews. Then he will have them do their walk out and he acts as the Cutman checking them over before they go into the cage. Then he goes through the “fight” with his stuffed animals, stopping at the end of the rounds so he can tend to the stuffed animals injuries. Sometimes the fights are quick with knockouts and sometimes they go longer, usually ending in a knockout. He loves wrapping up the stuffed fighters and pretends to stitch them up.

At Bellator 150, Bellator fighter Chris Harris found out that Kaysen wants to be a Cutman when he grows up. Chris went up to Kaysen knowing that he still had blood on his face from his cut he received from his fight that night and asked him to practice his Cutman skills on him (pictured below).

Kaysen did not hesitate and got his Cutman gear and took care of Chris, Kaysen was so happy and thought that was so cool of Chris.

I asked Chris what he thought about Kaysen:

It was really inspiring to see such a young kid that was already so sure of his dreams and what he wants to achieve.


Pictured Bolow, Kaysen is patching up sister at the event.


Kaysen also met up with MMA Fighter Jp Gillespie who represents Fighting For Autism and Joe Wilk as seen below.

His parents are very proud of him and they think it’s great that he wants to be a Cutman. They know that it’s a noble profession and that it’s great that he is so passionate about it. The reason all this Cutman idea came about was because he kept asking his parents several times what the Cutmen were doing to the fighters. His parents explained to him what they do and well that’s when he said that he wants to do what they do. Kaysen is so certain that when he grows up he is going to be a Cutman. 

Before the family went to Bellator 150, Mom knew how much he wanted to be a Cutman. So she got the idea to make him a shirt to look like the vests the Cutman use at events.


He wore it to the event and was able to get the Cutment to sign his vest. Mom stated that “he was over the moon excited”.

To anyone reading this, Kaysen is one special kid and a good example to all kids and adults. Stay tuned as we talk to Kaysen on our Podcast.

This is the reason I wanted to talk to Kaysen because he’s so young and yet so sure of what he wants to be when he grows up. It will be such an honor to interview Kaysen as a true Cutman one day while he’s working for one the sports organizations. Who knows maybe if you are training and or is thinking about fighting, Kaysen could be at your corner making sure you can continue to fight fixing that cut, and you can say, hey aren’t you that kid I read about on FightBookMMA.com?



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