Being fit is not only about losing that belly fat or building up those bulging arm muscles.  Looking good is important but even more important is that a fitness program using cardio kickboxing drives whole body fitness for health and includes mental health and fitness.

If you are at that place of considering which type of cardio strength training will best suit you, keep in mind that the combination of martial arts and high impact cardiovascular exercise which is fundamental to cardio kickboxing is a great choice.   It can handle beginners and like the Sloto cash online casino caters for all kinds of players.

It makes no difference if you are doing cardio kickboxing using online lessons or in an in- person class.  Either way your body and mind will be getting a big boost.   The fact is that a workout program using cardio kickboxing is incredibly flexible.

Cardio kickboxing and mental health benefits

To begin with, kickboxing has real mental health benefits and today we are more aware of the fact that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health.  Getting involved in activities that enhance the way we think and feel is crucial to having a well rounded and full life. Cardio kickboxing creates balance and enables us to keep our minds and emotions healthy.

Releasing stress

Our modern lives are full of stress, now even more so during the last couple of years. These pressures build up and need to be released somehow or they accumulate in our mind and body and eventually make us unhealthy.    Relieving stress effectively improves our mental health.  Throwing a punch is surely a great way to release stress.   When you are carrying around anger or frustration, it can be released through your kicks and punches, and this can actually improve your mental health.

Mental agility

Cardio kickboxing, having its foundation in martial arts, promotes quick thinking.  During a workout, learning combinations are constantly changing and movements vary in order to compensate.  This challenges the brain and encourages quick thinking in and out of the class.

Better sleep

Satisfactory sleep is also important for mental health and cardio kickboxing which is a high energy workout helps to keep that balance.   Our brains need a balance of rest and exercise in order to be healthy. Exercise performs an important task in keeping our body in rhythm.   Much research has shown that our quality of sleep improves with regular exercise, moderate to vigorous, and cardio kickboxing fits the bill. And if you are sleeping well your cognitive and emotional health will improve.

Self esteem

Cardio kickboxing teaches you that you are capable of getting through difficult things.  There is a trial- and error aspect of learning with a cardio kickboxing coach. You learn that you can still grow even if you fail and this is good for building self-esteem.  Being mentally healthy implies that you feel good about yourself.  Cardio kickboxing programs definitely promote these feelings.

Cardio kickboxing and physical health benefits

Cardio kickboxing will help to keep your body strong and healthy but there are a whole multitude of physical benefits of cardio kickboxing. Below are just a few of these.

Benefits for the whole body

Cardio kickboxing uses practically every muscle that you want it to.  Everything – glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, arms, back, chest.   During a workout you are burning tons of calories and building lots of muscle.  This is a high intensity workout and therefore it leads to quick results.

Preventing injury

With any workout routine the risk of injury is always a concern. Lifting weights or running can sometimes lead to unexpected injuries, especially for those new to the activity.  Cardio kickboxing is a high intensity sport but it is also low impact and therefore there is less risk of injury. Using qualified instructors will help you put together a routine that will give you the results you want but that doesn’t push you too hard.


Cardio kickboxing is a high intensity workout and therefore strengthens your heart.  High intensity cardio workouts are indispensable for endurance and keep your heart healthy.  Cardio training on a regular basis will ensure fewer health problems as you age, no matter when you begin training, and is linked to a longer life. This increased physical stamina will also make daily chores easier.


Reactive balance and anticipatory balance are two different types of balance that we all experience. Reactive balance occurs when you respond to something that happens outside of yourself.  This is when for instance, you catch yourself from falling when you trip over a broken sidewalk or perhaps when you move to avoid suddenly being hit with something that is thrown your way.

Anticipatory balance is when you decide to do something that requires balance and you prepare yourself in advance, like before you would climb a ladder or reach up to put something on a high shelf.

Doing cardio kickboxing helps in developing both kinds of balance.  Through various combinations that your instructor works through with you learn anticipatory balance and reactive balance you learn when doing freeform kickboxing and also through non-scripted exercises.  Both of these are vital for physical fitness.

Everything you need to improve your mental and physical health you will find doing cardio kickboxing workouts.   It doesn’t have to be hard and you will really enjoy yourself.

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