Kooheji lashes out at Taha before Brave 12

Hamza Kooheji had responded to the latest war of words with the featherweight challenger Khalid Taha, from Germany. Taha had recently joined Brave Combat Federation signing a multi-fight contract and will have his first bout in the promotion against Hamza Kooheji from Bahrain. Kooheji is currently training at the KHK MMA Gym in Bahrain alongside multiple athletes who are set to compete in jakarta, Indonesia. Kooheji is currently training alongside former two time Bellator Bantamweight champion, Edwardo Dantas.

Though both athletes started their conversations showing mutual respect, the response from Taha which mentioned that Kooheji will be defeated and his fans will be taken over by Taha irked the Bahraini fighter. Taha had competed at the Japanese MMA organisation, Rizin. He will compete in the featherweight division for the first time in almost five years. However it will be the first time Kooheji will be competing in the featherweight division.

“Khalid Taha is tough but I have fought tougher opponents. For Khalid Taha saying that my fans will become his fans, first of all he need to think about winning to do that. And second, my fans are so loyal that they won’t go to my opponent and back him up” responded Kooheji.

Hamza Kooheji is undefeated at Brave Combat federation. However Taha is experienced and has eleven victories out of his twelve appearances. Both fighters will face each for the first time on 10th May during the public weigh-ins organised at the Hotel Santika Premiere. The fight will take place at Brave 12: KHK Legacy on 11th May at the Balai Sarbini Hall at Jakarta, Indonesia.

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