KSW 44 Push Viewing Boundaries with new VR Technology

KSW is once again a true trailblazer in using new technologies!

As the first MMA organisation in the world, KSW is giving people domestically an opportunity to enjoy the biggest mixed martial event in this part of the globe by using VR180. For the past two years, KSW has been introducing VR technology into the events and now, again as pioneers, we are providing the chance to watch the KSW 44 from the front row, without even leaving the house.

VR180 is a new movie format of virtual reality developed by Google. It is an exciting addition to the variety of VR content to watch using the glasses. We produce the VR180 content using the best camera on the market, compatible with Google VR180 standards.

Everything what is happening during the sporting events is in front of you. We are adding an extremely realistic and comfortable 3D effect, which is easier to achieve in this format. It all means that we can be fully immersed in the reality of the movie or an online broadcast. This format is perfect for recording the sport events, concerts and everything where the action takes place in one place. We can stream VR image live in VR180 technology directly into the VR goggles.

When we watch a live event on TV, we can only see what the producer let us see, however, thanks to the VR180 technology, the viewers are the ones who now decide which element of the venue, the cage, or the area around it they would like to see at any particular moment.

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It will be the first professional stream of this type in Poland and one of the firsts in Europe. The image will be broadcasted in 4K, in 3D (Stereoscopic 3D, meaning that two cameras register left and right images for left and right eye. It won’t be a 3D effect generated by CGI).

Two wide-angle lenses, set at about 6.5cm apart, imitate the distance between the eyes and a human field of vision, what gives the viewer extremely realistic an immersive representation of the 3D depth. Comfortable three-dimension makes the viewer see and feel the space he is located in.

KSW 44 takes place this Saturday, June 9 live on www.KSWTV.com from the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland with Mariusz Pudzianowksi vs. Karol Bedorf in the main event that is five years in the making!


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