KSW 67 Weigh-Ins: Title Fight Official Plus Fight Cancelled

It was an eventful day at the KSW 67 weigh-ins on Friday morning in Warsaw, Poland. The heavyweight title fight between the UK’s Phil De Fries (20-4) and Serbia’s Darko Stosic (16-4) was confirmed for the main event tomorrow evening, Saturday, February 26. However, a fighter was not medically cleared to compete and a further three fighters missed weight.

They are as follows:

  • Andrzej Grzebyk – missed weight, fined 30% of his purse.
  • Idris Amizhaev – missed weight, fined 50% of his purse.
  • Filip Pejic – missed weight, fined 30% of his purse.
  • Caio Bitencourt – not medically cleared to fight.

KSW 67 will now feature eight scheduled fights and is available to watch live around the world on www.KSWTV.com and exclusively on Viaplay in selected regions starting at 7pm CET/6pm GMT/1pm ET.

KSW 67 Weigh-In Results

Main Event
KSW Heavyweight Title
Champion Phil De Fries (120.1 kg/265 lb) vs. Darko Stosic (105.2 kg/232 lb)

Co-Main Event
Andrzej Grzebyk (*77.9 kg/172 lb) vs. Adrian Bartosiński (77.6 kg/171 lb)
*Fined 30% of his purse

Light Heavyweight – Fight Cancelled
Ivan Erslan vs. Caio Bitencourt*
*Bitencourt not medically cleared to fight

Catchweight 80 kg/176 lb
Igor Michaliszyn (79.9 kg/176 lb) vs. Idris Amizhaev (*82.9 kg/183 lb)
*Fined 50% of his purse

Catchweight 68.5 kg/151 lb
Filip Pejic (*69 kg/152 lb) vs. Dawid Śmiełowski (68.4 kg/151 lb)
*Fined 30% of his purse

Adam Soldaev (66.3 kg/146 lb) vs. Pascal Hintzen (66 kg/146 lb)

Shamil Banukayev (61.7 kg/136 lb) vs. Zuriko Jojua (61.6 kg/136 lb)

Borys Borkowski (84 kg/185 lb) vs. Arkadiusz Kaszuba (83.9 kg/185 lb)

Catchweight 73 kg/161 lb
Oskar Szczepaniak (72.8 kg/160 lb) vs. Yann Liasse (72.7 kg/160 lb)


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