Kyle Driscoll knocking on UFC’s door

Before Kyle Driscoll tries to climb to 9-3 this weekend in his native Oklahoma, the fast-rising featherweight contender checked in with FightBook MMA.

How do you feel about this win streak you’re on?

It’s becoming everything I imagined. Each fight, I’m getting more confident and seeing myself as the man I dreamed of as a kid. Step by step, these are the fights that are going to send me to the UFC — and I’m all for it.

Did that dream ever, like when you were 0-1, 3-2 or even 5-3?

I never doubted myself, and that’s what makes me different. In those moments, I have more confidence and belief that I can make it to the top than ever before. Unwavering confidence. Now that I have this win streak going and my confidence is building, I’m just constantly evolving, always just building. No one can stop it. If I fought a UFC guy this weekend, he’s getting put out in the first round.

Where does this confidence come from?

My surroundings. I’ve always had amazing role models at AKA. They’re giving me input always, and I’m always trying my best to implement it and not take it for granted. It’s led to this. I know I’m a UFC-calibre fighter, my contract just isn’t here yet. But it’s on its way.

Have you taken on a leadership role at AKA?

I would say I am. I don’t miss a session. So many amazing fighters at AKA and I’m doing everything I possibly can to hold myself to their standard, and that’s why I am where I am right now.

What’s the plan for after this fight?

I want to stay active. I want to get that LFA belt. I’ll have a clearer picture of that this weekend. I’m going to talk with my agent, Jason House of Iridium Sports Agency, after this fight and we’ll see what’s next. No break, though. No time for that.

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