Kyler Phillips Talks MMA Lab, LFA Debut

In advance of his return to the cage Friday for LFA, LIVE on AXS TV Fights, unbeaten MMA Lab bantamweight prospect Kyler Phillips (3-0) sits down with FightBookMMA.

Are you the best bantamweight prospect in the sport of MMA right now?


Yes. Of course.


Versatility — quick, proficient versatility.

What impact have your coaches and training partners at the MMA Lab had on your game so far?

Everything. John Crouch, Shihan Nico and all my training partners have helped me blossom not just as a martial artist but as a man. I’ve really matured here; I owe so much to the MMA Lab.

What are your expectations for your debut with LFA, one of the biggest regional shows around?

I expect a finish, hopefully in the first round. I’m not going to rush anything, but I’m expecting a finish in the first round.

Where would you like to be 12 months from today?

On the UFC roster, with a couple Octagon appearances under my belt, steadily working my way towards a title shot.

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