By: R Eric Ellison

Welcome to another exciting edition of Legend or Hype. For those of you in the know this is where FSF breaks a fighter down in a legitimate fashion, cutting out all the BS that permeates other top ten lists and MMA news sites. We trim the fat with a blade of math and science, shearing the popularity and publicity away for maximum realness. Imagine if MMA fighters were actually ranked on performance instead of how much of a draw they are?

Well, wait no more, for you’ve come to the MMA site where we do just that. Our Legend or Hype point system is based on nothing more than actual numbers compiled by the fighters in discussion. The fighters are sent through a myriad of gauntlet like subjects: win/loss ratio, average winning streak, caliber of opponents, fights per year, and noteworthy accomplishments.

Within each sphere of judgment, up to five points are able to be earned. That means a fighter can score as high as 25 points, with a score of 17 crossing them over into the realm of official Legend. Behind these words, even now, giant cogs of information and data spin eloquently; ready to spoon feed you the tastiest puree of truth you’ve ever had the pleasure of snacking on.

Today we visit the storied career of the darndest, rootinest, tootinest badass mofo to ever proclaim himself to be it. The original Roy Nelson, only with more beer and less jujitsu. The original Forrest Griffin, only without the cardio or humor. The first bad mamma jamma to hit the Octagon that wasn’t a Brazilian wizard, joke, or wrestler in undies. He was the UFC’s Undertaker, and is known the world over as Tank Abbott.

A real pit fighter, drunk, bar brawler, and all around crazy bastard, Abbott has entertained/amazed/befuddled fight fans around the world for forever now. He was the first guy to regularly wear MMA gloves in his fights, and the last guy to walk away from a fight. Win or lose, Tank Abbott was about as real a street fighter as you could get on a professional level. Abbott was the original Kimbo Slice, only better. Then again, Kimbo did KO Abbott…*ahem*

Was he a WCW wrestler, yes. Does that matter in Tanks world as far as MMA is concerned? Hell no. If anything he was the first Brock Lesnar, only less cool in both wrestling and MMA. A true fight life pioneer. This man lived fighting, and for good or bad, he followed it with everything he had. Although retired now at the crisp age of 49, I’m sure he is out there right now at a bar just hoping somebody says the wrong thing.

A real guts-n-glory type of fighter who lived the life far beyond the lights of the Octagon.

So today we put Ol’ Abbott through the ropes to see if he is a true MMA Legend, or just some badass who got lucky. He is regarded by many as a pioneer, but is he a MMA Legend?

Will he turn the tide and, despite what you may think of him personally, stomp his way into the Hall of Legends? Or will he embarrass himself, as he does do, on yet another fall from grace by coming in short? Let’s find out as we take a journey into the wonderful world of David, er I mean, Tank Abbot.

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