Logan Paul’s Impressive earnings from investments, ahead of Dillon Danis clash

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Ahead of Logan Paul’s fight with Dillon Danis, he is named among the top ten celebrities making the highest returns on their net worth. 

FOREX.com commissioned an analysis of celebrity investments across various assets, including luxury properties, business ventures, intellectual property, financial instruments and collectables, to uncover the true magnitude of celebrity investments.

Please find a Dropbox of images at the bottom of this press release. 

Top 10 celebrities generating the biggest returns on their net worth  

NameNet Worth($ millions)Monthly Income($ millions)Investments & assets categoriesReturn on Net Worth
Babyface25028Real estate, luxury vehicles134.40%
Jimmy Buffett81060Real estate, luxury vehicles, luxury yachts, stocks88.90%
Chase Hudson11$630,000Real estate, luxury vehicles68.70%
Billy Joel23010Real estate, luxury vehicles52.20%
Tommyinnit14$600,000Real estate, luxury vehicles, NFTs51.40%
Bella Poarch12$510,000Real estate, luxury vehicles51.00%
Logan Paul24510Real estate, luxury vehicles, luxury yachts, cryptocurrency49.00%
Nicki Minaj1304Real estate, luxury vehicles, luxury yachts, stocks36.90%
Kanye West4107Real estate, luxury vehicles, luxury yachts, stocks20.50%
Drake2704Real estate, luxury vehicles, luxury yachts, stocks17.80%

Logan Paul, american social media personality and professional wrestler has earned over $50 Million Dollars through his Boxing matches. Aside of Boxing, he generates huge revenues through his YouTube channel, and demonstrates a talent for wealth management, achieving a remarkable 49% return on his net worth, which is 35% more than the average return on net worth earned by YouTubers. 

Logan Paul owns five real estate properties, including a 10,000 square foot luxury mansion in Ohio, valued at $25 Million USD. He also owns an impressive luxury car collection, two luxury yachts and an extensive stocks portfolio. 

Celebrity professions with the highest return on net worth

ProfessionAverage Net Worth, USDAverage Return on Net Worth
YouTubers47,500,000 13.60%
Singers487,978,723 13.51%
Football Player600,000,000 10.00%
Entrepreneur700,000,000 9.94%
Athlete905,000,000 9.84%
Rappers169,877,551 9.40%
Actors373,830,189 7.88%
Chefs137,777,778 7.85%
Comedians174,500,000 6.62%

FOREX.com can reveal that out of 233 celebrities analysed, YouTubers were found to generate the best return on their investments. Whilst typically having the lowest net worth to initially invest, YouTubers generate a 13.60% return on their net worth on average.This is almost 7% higher return than comedians, who tend to have the lowest returns at 6.62% of their net worth, on average. 

Despite having the highest average net worth, athletes are not the most successful investors, with a below-average return on net worth of just 9.84%.  

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