Long Term Fighter Safety: The message is all that matters


Wednesday November 18, 2015 Louis Giordano has been the subject of many shady MMA articles as of late. The media have been singling out quotes to sell a rivalry that does not exist in trying to fluff up headlines and waste your time on click bait.

“I don’t dislike anybody, I don’t hate anybody. I’ve never met Dolce… I just disagree with the methods.”

Louis is quoted as saying on the Loaded Joes podcast Monday. It doesn’t stop there however because so many In health and nutrition industry are using the same methods to help fighters make-weight.

The point every major media source is missing is so simple to understand. It’s bigger than Lou it’s bigger than any other trainer. It’s about over all health and safety of the fighters when it comes to making weight. Many in the industry are dehydrating their fighters then over hydrating their fighters and the result is robbing them of peak performance. With drastic weight cuts, poor diet and nutrition, we are seeing two different fighters. One at weigh ins dehydrated, looking gaunt and skin drawn in. Then a different appearance once stepping in the cage.

“Over hydrated fighters look bloated, they appear confused, muscle cramps, muscle failure and weakened.”

Does that sound familiar in many of the weigh-ins this year? The problem is not going to get any better with the IV BAN In place with the UFC. However, Giordano doesn’t think these fighters should be reliant on IV’s anyway. Poorly planned nutrition and drastic weight cuts is doing more than affecting their performance, It’s possibly affecting their longevity.

This message is all that matters: It’s not who is handling the nutrition it’s about how they are doing it.

This is a call out to all media: stop feeding the masses half a story to get an extra few shares and likes. Try giving your readers some insight to help repair their own health. We cover combat sports. You are doing a huge disservice to your viewers by ignoring the real story.

To hear what Louis has to say, check out The Loaded Joes Podcast below. and to listen to their show click here.

Episode 26 Feat. Nick “The Ghost” Gonzalez, & Lou Giordano by Theloadedjoesmma on Mixcloud

By: Korey Lane

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