Lorenzo Hood “The Executioner” Sits Down With FightBookMMA.com

Monday May 9, 2016— One of the WSOF newest heavyweights sat down with FightBookMMA.Com to put all the MMA world on notice. Lorenzo Hood has fought all over the MMA world, from little organizations to one of the best going. All though there has been road blocks in his path to the WSOF, Hood showed that to make it to the top you have to push through whatever life throws at you. From the gridiron to the octagon and event back the gridiron Hood has shown that his worth ethic is like no other. When you stay in top-notch shape there is nothing that can stop you from competing in dual sports. At The age of 20 Lorenzo was playing professional football and when an injury occurred that sidelined him for a while Hood decided to take a different approach at his rehab and that was training with some of his friend in a MMA gym. Hood wanted to rehab any way that he could and as anyone who knows MMA knows that it’s an all-around body workout day in and day out, and it works out every muscle in your body. As the rehab was coming along Hood fell in love with the sport and begin training as a fighter. When attending his first fight, one of the heavyweights on the card had dropped out due to injury and the promoter came up to Lorenzo and his friends and asked do you guys know a heavyweight that is at weight and ready to fight. One thing led to another and before you knew it Hood was in a pair of basketball shorts staring down his opponent for his first ever amateur fight. As faith would have it Lorenzo scored the 17 second finish for his fort ever victory. From there it was nothing but success as 9 out of his first 10 amateur fights were TKO or KO finishes. After finding so much success as an amateur, Lorenzo turned pro and went on what he calls a “Path of destruction”. Taking as many fight as he could in the legal amount of time. Taking fights once every 15 days sometimes even back to back, at the beginning Hood didn’t have a team or coaches to let him know if he should take a fight or not or even when to take some time off. Fighting all kinds of undefeated fighters here and there Hood finally found out that too much on your plate can be a lot to handle. During the time that Lorenzo was taking any fight that he could find, a promoter called him and asked if he could come down in weight to 192 and compete. The pay was 6,000 dollars and at that time Hood was still very new to the game and a big pay-day like that was something he couldn’t pass up. After cutting all the weight Hood was ready to go but the night didn’t go as planned, the weight cut were just too much and Hood gassed out and just couldn’t recover. Loosing that fight was a big blow to Hood but in the long run he knew that if he wanted to continue this career path he had to make some career changes like finding a good team and a pair of good coaches that can lead him in the right direction.

Hood explained to me:

“The weight cut was just too much, and if I had a good team and good coaches who knew what was best for me I probably wouldn’t have taken that fight.”

After starting (8-1) as a professional Hood decided to step away from fighting and went back to playing football, but during his time playing football Lorenzo started to miss banging people’s faces in. “My friends and family would always tell me man when you going back. We miss seeing whoop ass”. Lorenzo knew that he has so much love for the sport and truly deep down missed it more than he expected that he would. In 2014 Hood made his return to the octagon and his opponent was Curtis Blaydes, Hood knew that Blaydes was a high level wrestler and when the fight started Hood went right after Blaydes. Lorenzo got right in and hit a Judo toss that landed and on the fall Hood hurt himself. He knew that he hurt himself but Hood is a warrior and continued the fight, but at the end of the round his body froze up and he couldn’t move. The doctor stepped in and ended the fight and that was all she wrote. Hood knew that he would get better no matter what, win or lose, but the big guy couldn’t shake that he just couldn’t get comfortable from the begging. His Anxiety kicked in right at the begging “Felt like I Was drowning in water felt like I couldn’t breathe.” But Hood isn’t one to make excuses he knew that he lost and that no matter what if he wanted to keep going in the sport he would have to get better. Now that he has returned to MMA and just suffered from a tough loss, Hood decided to get his team and his coaches and really take shot at being great. Fighting through smaller promotions that just don’t pay the bills was starting to frustrate Lorenzo, so after gaining a couple of consecutive wins Lorenzo signed a deal to fight with Bellator MMA. The first scheduled fight was set to be against Raphael Butler, everything was going smooth camp went well, weight was met and they were ready to go. The day of the fight is here and the fight is getting closer and closer, so Lorenzo starts going through his normal pre fight rituals. “I really like to blow off a few rounds just to let out some of the energy and get loose”. While warming up and joking around Hood goes to throw a kick and slips, and everyone hears a pop. Lorenzo gets to his feet and says “Hey Coach you OK I heard that pop” and his coached replied with no Zo that was your knee that popped. Within seconds the pain kicked in and his coaches tried to stretch and ice it out. Lorenzo being the athlete that he is was going to fight but having coaches and a great team that are there to look out for you told him that you are not fighting and we are going to cancel the fight. Lorenzo was devastated, he knew this was his big chance to not only show the world what you got but also get that big pay-day that he has worked so hard to get. After contacting Bellator and canceling the fight Lorenzo got his Knee diagnosed. A tear in the PCL was the diagnoses, micro surgery was successful now the rehab process can begin. Now fully healthy Lorenzo wanted to continue his career but with things not going well with Bellator due to the fact that they just couldn’t get a fight In place, the two came to a mutual agreement and parted ways. Now back to fighting for smaller promotions Hood knew that he had to continue getting better as a fighter but having the chance to fight on Spike TV to fighting at a small promotion just wasn’t the same thing.


With Bellator now in the rear view mirror and fully healthy, Lorenzo found himself not only playing DE for a couple of professional football programs but also training at his gym in the suburbs of Chicago. Strike MMA is a gym that Hood and his head coach built from the ground up. The day starts for Lorenzo by training at his gym from 8-10 hours a day and attending football practice for 3-4 hours a day, putting in that hard work ethic and getting more than MMA training on a daily basis really shows how versatile Zo is as an athlete. When they hit camp they stay really big in strength training and conditioning, and have a very unique system in dieting by dropping half pound a day or a pound a day to lose the weight. With being as big as Hood is they have to use all different methods to cut all the muscle. Having to cut all the muscle is different from cutting a lot of fat due to the fact that when you cut all the muscle you don’t want to lose power. Now having a stable core to train and prepare for fights, it was time for Lorenzo to take the next step in his career. One evening in the middle of the night Lorenzo just got home from training, and his phone gave him an alert, and the alert showed that Rey Sefo WSOF president and co-founder just added him on Facebook. It was a few weeks back that just for the hell of it Lorenzo at Sefo. Hood opened the message from Sefo and it said hey let’s talk. After responding they both got to talking one thing led to another, and Sefo asked if Hood would fight a number of heavyweights that Sefo named from a list, and he said yes to every single fighter. As the conversation went on Hood began to think that there was a chance that he could find himself signing a deal with WSOF, but as Sefo began to ask the tough questions like why were you booked in so many potentials fights that never went through. Hood explained that many time he would be ready for a fight and the night before guys would drop out, or go home, or randomly get injured and that in no way was it his fault that the fight didn’t go through. The deal was done and Lorenzo Hood was the newest member of the WSOF roster. Wasting no time his first fight will be on June 17th in Connecticut against Tyler King. Lorenzo started to express that the guy that the WSOF just signed is a different guy that all the MMA world has seen before.

“Look I’ve always been a good guy. Just shut the fuck up and fight. I have so many great fans and have equal amount of haters, But I Just don’t give a fuck anymore. That guy is gone. The guy that’s about to step into the cage is gonna get his ass whooped and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to defeat him I’m going in there to wreck shop. When I win I’m gonna get on the mic and tell the whole heavyweight division to be ready! I’m not coming to be friends! I’m coming to get that belt and make money. That’s it. There’s no one in any division or company that can do what I can do My fucken time is now. Anything I can get I’m comen for.”

A guy that is ready for anything and is willing to do whatever it takes has the makings to be a future champion. Having the desire to stay with WSOF for the rest of his career, Hood wants to take out anyone and everyone in the division. Now in camp, Lorenzo and his team have brought in high level wrestlers and Ju Jitsu guys to help with getting away from just the power and get back to movement and counters. Lorenzo explained:

“Game plan is to put hands on his face. From film watching he can’t take a punch. He has Never been hit by anybody like me, I’m gonna go out there and touch him any way I can”.

Hood feels that he is in the best shape of his life and is more than ready to win this fight but make an immediate impact in the heavyweight division. “This fight I’m going into won’t go longer than a minute will be a rear uppercut that will finish the fight”. Outside of the octagon I really got to go deep into who he is as a man, he said “On a Personal level understanding that you have to reevaluate people in your life, I have god to protect me from my enemies”. Lorenzo had a rough upbringing, really only growing up with his brother he didn’t really have family and he felt that it led him to do wrong things. When he realized that he was starting to gain traction in the MMA world, he felt that he made a lot of changes as a man. “You don’t realize as a fighter that there are people sucking life out of you and when you get rid of those people you feel so much better”. When you come to terms with how good you can be no matter how hard things get you always embrace the grind, always work hard and put in the time and you will find nothing but success and there is no doubt that is the way Hood is heading.

A special thanks to All of Lorenzo Hoods Sponsors Shout Enlisted Fight 9, 5 Star Window Tint, Louis Barber Shop, Lock Down Fight Gear, Born Aggressive, Hayabusa, Insane Fit Meals, Future Legend, Bettys Dukes Up, Strike Fitness, Ghost Crew, Elite Fitness.

A very special thanks to his Head coach team mates Paul Reinhart, Dan Cronin, friends and family that always supported him that love him very much! ITS OUR TIME TO TAKE OVER!!

Facebook: The Executioner
Twitter: @Hood_Zo

By: Rick San Bartolome
The Franchise



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