M-1 Challenge 89 results & pictures from Russia

“Buki” is back!

Ivan Buchinger rebounds from title loss
with impressive win over Andrey Krasnikov


Ivan Buchinger is back!

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia (March 10, 2018) — Former M-1 Challenge featherweight champion Ivan “Buki” Buchinger rebounded from his title loss last November with an impressive win over Andrey Krasnikov in tonight’s M-1 Challenge 89 main event, at M-1 Arena in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The judges had an uneventful evening as only one of a dozen fights on the overall M-1 Challenge 89 card went the full distance for a decision in this true International event. Fighters represented 11 different countries: Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, Azerbaijan, France, Belarus, Georgia, Bulgaria, Israel and Spain.

Buchinger (33-6-0, M-1: 7-2-0), fighting out of Slovakia, originally captured the M-1 Challenge featherweight title on October 17, 2014, stopping Tural Ragimov on punches in the fourth round, in the M-1 Challenge 52 Fight of the Night. Buchinger retained his title for more than three years, losing his title belt last November 24 at M-1 Challenge 86, when Khamzat Dalgiev knocked him out by punches in the opening round.

In the second round, Buchinger used his vast arsenal of skills to defeat the game Krasnikov, of Russia, by way of an anaconda choke for a second-round submission.

Buchinger’s strong comeback against his Ukrainian opponent, Krasnikov (14-4-0), who had won 13 of his last 14 MMA fights going into his showdown with Buchinger, should position the Slovakian for a possible rematch with Dalgiev.

Russian featherweight contender Viktor Kolesnik (12-3-1) went to the ground with a effective Guillotine Choke for a first-round triumph by submission over M-1 Global-debuting David “Davi Boxer” Silva de Souza (8-3-0), of Brazil, in the co-featured event.

Also fighting on the main card, Russian heavyweight Anton Vyazigin (9-2-0) knocked out Zaur Gadzhibabayev (6-2-0) in the first round on punches

French lightweight Mickael “Ragnar” Lebout (17-8-2) turned in an impressive M-1 Global debut, knocking out Belorussian challenger Sergey Faley (20-11-0) on punches in the opening round.

Late replacement Oleg Aduchiev (4-0-0), of Russia, upset veteran Ukrainian flyweight Vitaliy Branchuk (23-8-0), stopping him on punches in the second round for a technical knockout.

On the preliminary card, Georgian flyweight Vazha Tsiptauri (4-1-0) used a Guillotine Choke to force Dimitar Kostov (9-5-0), of Bulgaria, in a second-round submission; Ukrainian light heavyweight Denis Vygovsky (7-3-0) won a three-round majority decision over Brendson “Zyzz” Ribeiro (9-3-0), of Brazil, and Russian featherweight Nikita Solonin (4-1-0) stopped Elizar Tariku (3-1-0) in the first round on punches.

Ali Albogachiev (5-0-0) punched out Rasul Magomedov (7-0-0) in the first round of a fight between undefeated Russian lightweight prospects, while Russian featherweight Ivan Kibala (3-0-0) stopped Spaniard Daniel “Diamond” Vasquez (4-3-0) in the second round on punches.

In pre-undercard action, Dmitry Novikov (1-0-1) locked in a rear naked choke on fellow Russian heavyweight Mikhail Makogon (0-2-0) for a victory by first-round submission. Russian middleweight knocked out fellow countryman Krill Mazhara (2-2-0) with a kick to the head in the second round.

Complete results and photo gallery below:


Ivan Buchinger (33-6-0, M-1: 8-2-0), Slovakia
WSUB2 – Anaconda Choke – 2:54)
Andrey Krasnikov (14-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Ukraine

Viktor Kolesnik (12-3-1, M-1: 3-1-1), Russia
WSUB1 (Guillotine Choke – 0:44)
David Silva de Souza (7-3-0, M-1: 0-0-0), Brazil

Anton Vyazigin (9-2-0, M-1: 4-1-0), Russia
WKO1 (Punches – 0:16)
Zaur Gadzhibabayev (6-2-0, M-1: 4-1-0), Azerbaijan

Mickael Lebout (17-8-2, M-1: 1-0-0), France
WKO1 (Punches – 4:53)
Sergey Faley (20-11-0, M-1: 4-2-0), Belarus

Oleg Aduchiev (4-0-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Russia
WTKO2 – (Punches – 3:09)
Vitaliy Branchuk (23-5-0, M-1: 2-4-0), Ukraine


Denis Vygovsky (7-3-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Ukraine
Brendson Ribeiro (9-3-0 (M-1: 0-1-0), Brazil

Ali Albogachiev (5-0-0, M-1: 5-0-0), Russia
WKO1 (Punches – 2:45)
Rasul Magomedov (6-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Russia

Nikita Solonin (4-1-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Russia
WTKO1 (Punches – 0:51)
Elizar Tariku (3-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Israel

Ivan Kibala (3-0-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Russia
WTKO2 (Punches- 4:18)
Daniel Vasquez (4-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Spain

Vazha Tsiptauri (4-1-0, M-1: 2-0-0), Georgia
WSUB2 (MOUNTED Guillotine Choke – 1:28)
Dimitar Kostov (9-5-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Bulgaria


Dmitry Novikov (1-0-1, M-1: 1-0-1), Russia
WSUB1 (Rear Naked Choke – 4:03)
Mikhail Makogon (0-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Russia

Boris Medvedev (2-0-0, M-1: 2-0-0), Russia
WKO2 (Head Kick – 1:33)
Kirill Mazhara (2-2-0, M-1: 0-2-0), Russia

Ivan Buchinger had top position here on way to his victory

Anton Vyazigin knockoyuts Zaur Gadzhibabayev

Oleg Aduchiev drops Vitaliy Branchuk

Viktor Kolesnik (white trunks) finishes off David Silva de Souza

Mickael Lebout knocked out Sergey Faley

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