Major League Wrestling Fusion: ALPHA recap and results

When new matchmaker Cesar Duran promised the fans he would be brining the best Lucha wrestlers to MLW, the fans couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for us. The opening match of Fusion: Alpha gave us the biggest treat we could ever hope for. Aramis and Arez set out to give the fans a show, and they did not disappoint. These two Lucha wrestlers put on an incredible aerial assault in this match that was accompanied by amazing chain wrestling and counter maneuvers that made this match feel more like an main event than an opening match. Aramis high flying attacks made it seem almost impossible for Arez to recover from, but Arez began to deliver some power moves and an aerial attack of his own, but fell short in his attempt and was eventually pinned by Aramis.  With their amazing showing for the fans and to matchmaker Cesar Duran, Aramis and Arez have been added to the October 7th MLW Fightland card. They will be involved in a fatal 4 way match with Middleweight Champion Myron Reed and returning to the ring, Japanese legend Tajiri.

After the return from the commercial break, we find Matchmaker Cesar Duran on a phone call in his office when Matt Cross enters in the picture and demanding a title shot. Cesar looks very annoyed as his phone call is interrupted, but admires Cross’ ability to seize the moment and grants him a title shot next week against Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

We return to action for our next bout which would feature heavy underdog but crowd favorite Budd Heavy. Seeing Budd inside what used to be the old ECW Arena, it brough back so many memories of ECW legends like Balls Mahoney and Axel Rotten which really resonates with that tough south Philly crowd. Budd was going to need all the help he could possibly get, because his opponent is a physical specimen and self-proclaimed Suplex Assassin Alex Kane. Kane was led down to the ring by former MMA star and current MLW superstar King Mo, and when the bell rang it went from a contest to a squash match real quick. Budd Heavy may be too tough for his own good, because with each bone crunching suplex that was landed, King Mo had flash cards counting all the suplexes. It was no surprise to the fans that Kane was going to win after the assault he was putting on Heavy, and as cocky and disrespectful as can be, Kane put his foot on Heavy’s chest for the three count. As Kane and Mo were exiting the arena, Budd Heavy still had enough left in the gas tank to stay in the middle of the ring and flip off both men as they were leaving. Alex Kane ran right back into the ring and continued smashing Heavy with suplexes until it was eventually broken up. Once again, Cesar Duran was impressed with Kane’s performance and has named Alex Kane an alternate in the 2021 Opera Cup tournament.

Now we get to our main event of the evening. Last week, Filthy Tom Lawlor stormed into Duran’s office demanding a title shot. What Tom wasn’t expecting was the title shot that he was being given a shot at the National Open weight championship belt which is held by none other than Alex Hammerstone. Duran is really shaking things up here in MLW considering we have a signed match between Hammerstone and Heavyweight champion Jacob Fatu which is the biggest match in MLW history and now there is a potential for both champs to not be able to make it to Fightland as champion. Former Opera Cup champ Lawlor came out using everything in his tool bag to try and damage and beat the champion Hammerstone. A performer like Lawlor knows how to key in on submissions and break down joints from his over 10 year career in Mixed Martial Arts. Almost by design, Hammerstone let Tom finish his onslaught of wrestling holds and then began to go to work. The unbelievable strength of Hammerstone was what he needed to power through his moves considering Tom was targeting Hammerstone’s shoulder with multiple shoulder locks. With Hammerstone on the ground, Filthy Tom Lawlor was signaling to the back like he was calling someone to come out, but no one showed up and Hammerstone got angry and put Tom Lawlor away for the 3 count and retaining his title. The show was about to close out with Hammerstone being interviewed, but Contra came out and attacked him, and that’s when the cameras shut off.

All these new matches being added to Fightland, and now the attack on Hammerstone by Contra is setting up for the biggest show in MLW history, and you don’t want to miss it.


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