Major League Wrestling: Rise of the Renegades Recap And Results

MLW returns for another action-packed evening at Gilly’s in Dallas Texas. MLW is rounding out next couple shows in Texas, gearing up for their East Coast return for Battle Riot in New York. After last week’s main event, Cesar Duran is out for blood since the Von Erich’s came to the aid of Hammerstone. In tonight’s main event, Alex Hammerstone teams up with the Von Erich’s to take on Richard Holliday, King Muertes and the self-proclaimed leader of Contra Unit Madds Krugger. In other action, the Caribbean Championship is up for grabs, as newly crowned champion Octagon Jr takes on an MLW Original Matt Cross. Our opening bout is a grudge match that is weeks in the making as Gino Medina takes on Aramis in a Mexican Strap Match.

Mexican Strap Match: Aramis vs Gino Medina

After his embarrassing loss to Microman, Gino Medina has been taking out his frustrations on Aramis backstage. In their last encounter, Gino ripped off the mask of Aramis to try and shame the rising Luchador star, but folks backstage were able to cover his face. Instead of reprimanding Medina for what he did, Cesar Duran gave him a bonus and set up a Mexican Strap match for Rise of The Renegades. A Mexican strap match is basically a Lumberjack match where the wrestlers on the outside have leather straps they can slap the two wrestlers with if they go outside of the ring. Medina and Aramis both meet face to face in the center of the ring, and immediately Medina is tossed out of the ring and you can hear the loud cracks of the straps against his body. Medina dives back into the ring and now it’s Aramis’ turn to get assaulted by the wrestlers on the outside, this back and forth action happens for a bit until both men find a way to keep it in the ring. Aramis high flying assault seems to be too much for Medina to handle. He is getting annoyed at every counter move and Aramis is capitalizing on every mistake. Medina finally begins to mount his own offensive attacks mixing his strength and speed and turning the tide of the match in his favor. The wrestlers on the outside are taking matters into their own hands and helping out Medina hitting Aramis as he gets close to their side of the ring. Just when it looked like Aramis was going to be getting the victory, Medina gets his hands on a leather strap and rolls up Aramis pulling on his pants with the strap to get the win. Aramis angry that he was just cheated, attacks Medina on the outside and then throws him back into the ring. Medina gets a firm grasp of Aramis’ mask and rips it off AGAIN! Covering his face Aramis drops to the mat, when Matt Cross comes out from the back with a towel to cover up the identity of Aramis. What we though would be the end of this feud, seems to only be the beginning.

Winner: Gino Medina

Just as the dust settles from our opening contest, our next contest is between the newly crowned Caribbean Champion Octagon Jr taking on Matt Cross. Cross is an MLW original who traveled around the world to expand his craft, meanwhile Octagon Jr is a AAA standout who has taken MLW by storm. The long-time champion King Muertes was never pinned to lose the belt, but Octagon Jr won it in a triple threat match just a few months back. When Cross and Octagon Jr meet in the middle of the ring the two show each other signs of respect and the match begins. Both wrestlers seem like they were tailor made for each other, almost as if they studied hours of tape on each other’s move sets. Octagon Jr however, is showing blazing speed and strength, making each high flying attack seem effortless. Dressed in all gold, Octagon oozes charisma and has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Matt Cross’ years of experience begin to shine through, as both men are giving the crowd at Gilly’s a 5 star match. Matt Cross finds his opening and hits the “cross cutter” on the champion, the crowd is on their feet as they count 1……2…… Just at the last second Octagon Jr lifts his shoulder off the mat and the match continues. Cross is pumping with adrenaline now, but he finds himself too overzealous, Octagon reverses Cross and puts him into a “Rolling DDT” to retain his Caribbean championship. The roar inside of the building could probably be heard from space, both of these wrestlers put on an amazing show to where no one really lost that match at all, we all won.

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Winner: Octagon Jr Caribbean Champion

Von Hammers vs Richard Holliday, King Muertes & Madds Krugger

We have reached our main event of the evening and the action just doesn’t to stop. After Duran’s failed attempt to take out champion Alex Hammerstone using Krugger and Muertes, the Von Erich’s have put themselves on El Jefe’s naughty list. Krugger and Hammerstone have had heat with each other going back a full year, and Muertes and Hammerstone matched up a few times just a couple months back. Richard Holliday continues to find ways to try and take out his former friend and is dying to get his hands on his belt. The match begins with Krugger and both Von Erich’s in the ring. The tag team duo tries their best moves and tricks, but nothing seems to be working to get Krugger off his feet. Krugger’s freakish strength and size have given Hammerstone fits for over a year now, it almost seems as if he is invincible. Krugger now gets Muertes involved, and the carnage just seems to get worse and worse for the Von Hammers. Hammerstone is stretching his arms out wanting that hot tag and he gets it. Once the champ gets in the ring, Muertes and Krugger are suplexed out of the ring with ease, and now Hammerstone gets his eyes on Holliday and uses the ropes to flip him in the ring and begins beating down Holliday. King Muertes quickly gets inside the ring and attacks the champion, there is no help for Hammerstone as the Von Erich’s are being attacked on the outside of the ring. There is no order anywhere in this arena right now and El Jefe is getting exactly what he wants. Hammerstone throws a hail mary front kick to Muertes off the ropes and sets him up for the “Nightmare Pendulum.” With a thunderous crash, Muertes is now out cold and Hammerstone goes for the cover, but Alicia Atout has distracted the referee. Hammerstone trying to get the ref’s attention doesn’t see that Atout has taken off her shoe and slipped it to Holliday behind her back. Once inside the ring, Holliday hits Hammerstone with the shoe and covers him for the win.

Winner: Richard Holliday, King Muertes and Madds Krugger


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