Mario Saeed turns up the heat on Benoit St. Denis: ‘’He’s scared of fighting for the title’’

London, England – BRAVE Combat Federation Super Lightweight Mario Saeed has recently expressed a desire to rematch Benoit St. Denis, currently the number one contender for Eldar Eldarov’s world title at 165lbs. Right after the challenge was extended, the Frenchman suggested he would like to face Eldarov as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t wait for the champion. Benoit also said that he would beat Saeed, Marcel Grabinski and Lucas Martins on the same night.

This has triggered a scathing attack by Saeed, who believes his arch-rival is shying away from the title fight, because he doesn’t feel he can beat Eldarov. ‘’Rudeboy’’ went on to say that he would be willing to travel to France to get his rematch with St. Denis in Benoit’s own backyard.

‘’‘’The guy is being a p… Simple as that. ‘’I don’t want to wait around’’ What the f… does that mean, b….? You either fight or you don’t. If he’s too scared to fight for a title, give me a title shot. I will fight anyone in that division (…) If Benoit wants a rematch, I will happily go to France and fight him in his backyard’’, said Mario.

Saeed also dismissed the notion that Benoit could ever beat three fighters in one night and seemed to take offense at the Frenchman’s suggestion.

‘’What kind of lame question is that? Saying he would fight all three of us in one night? He barely beat me the first time. After round one, he was on the floor laying down, and I was fresh, standing up, I couldn’t sit down because of my knee. But it is what it is, talk is cheap. I know I need a win next, I feel like I’m one win away from a title shot, but if he’s too scared to fight for the title, I’m more than happy to step up’’.

Mario Saeed recently revealed he has gone through two knee operations and is targeting a return to full-time training in early june with views to return to action in July or August. Could a rematch with St. Denis be next for ‘’Rudeboy’’? Only time will tell.


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