Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao: High Excitement, Low Expectations

When the long-awaited matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was finally made official earlier this year, it is safe to say the sports world, and perhaps the internet, imploded within itself. For nearly 5 years, combat sports fans had been left salivating over this potential bout between two of the generations greatest fighters. With an estimated 400 million dollars expected to be generated from the bout, and with both men looking at potential 9 figure paydays when all is said and done, this is the “superfight” that the world has been waiting for.

But while excitement for this match might be off the charts, what people should expect might be a letdown for most. To some, simply having both men in the same ring after so much back and forth banter will be worth the price of admission, or a PPV buy, but the expectations some have placed on this fight have almost set themselves up to be disappointed. Both men are passed what some will call their “prime” years, but are still virtually head and shoulders above all others within in the sport. The problem here however might not be both men being slightly outdated in their careers, but what they can not only do as a fighter anymore, and for what they can do to one another when the opening bell rings May 2nd.

Mayweather and Pacquiao have both been competing in the upper levels of the boxing world for over 10 years each (Mayweather in 2001 with his bout against Diego Corrales, Pacquiao in 2003 with his bout against Marco Antonio Barrera).

Mayweather, currently 47-0 with 26 (T)KOs, has competed in 18 world title bouts since his bout with Corrales. During this span, Mayweather has tallied a 23-0 record with 6 (T)KOs, 12 Unanimous Decisions, 2 Majority Decisions, 1 Split Decisions and 2 victories due to Retirement.

Pacquiao, 57-5-2 with 38 (T)KOs, has competed in 22 world title bouts since his bout with Barrera. During this span, Pacquiao, in 24 bouts, has amassed a 20-3-1 record, with 8 (T)KOs, 9 Unanimous Decisions, 1 Majority Decision, 1 Split Decision, and 1 victory due to Retirement.

Now while these may simply be stats or numbers to some, it does shine a bright light on one very important point:

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By: Jasyn Zangari @zangari123

Photo Credit: hbo boxing

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