McGregor and Álvarez were revealed as the highest earners in sport according to new research

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We all know that the top athletes in the world are incredibly wealthy, earning millions and millions of dollars each year. But which of the world’s top sportspeople are working the hardest to bring home the bacon?

We’ve studied the earnings of the highest-paid athletes of the past twelve months and compared this with how many minutes they spent on the field or court, or in the ring, to find out who makes the most for every minute of competitive action.

Conor McGregor only needs seven seconds to earn $1 million, as he earns $8,695,652 for every minute he spends in the ring, according to the data. The top boxing and MMA fighters were revealed to have been paid a total of $724,540 for only 75 minutes of fighting! Read the full report here.

The fastest earning athletes in the world:

RankAthleteSportOn-the-field earningsMinutes playedEarnings per minuteTime to earn $1m
1Conor McGregorMixed martial arts$22.0m2.53$8,695,6527 seconds
2Canelo ÁlvarezBoxing$32.0m72$444,4442 minutes, 15 seconds
3Dak PrescottAmerican football$97.5m300$325,0003 minutes, 5 seconds
4Ronnie StanleyAmerican football$47.0m480$97,91710 minutes, 13 seconds
5David BakhtiariAmerican football$48.0m720$66,66715 minutes, 0 seconds

The top-paying sports:

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RankSportOn-the-field earningsMinutes playedEarnings per minute
2American football$753m16,140$46,623
4Association football$377m26,852$14,040

Key findings:

  • Boxing and MMA were found to be the highest paying sports having the athletes earning the highest amounts in the shortest period of time.
  • Even though Boxing and MMA had the highest earnings per minute, American Football was the sport discovered to have the highest on-field earnings of $753 million!
  • American Football has the biggest on-field earners in world sport with 8 of the 10 highest sports earners being American Football players.
  • Neymar was found to be the football player earning the highest amount of money on the field the fastest, taking just over 30 minutes to earn $1 million.
  • The 10 highest earning on-field athletes all take less than 25 minutes to make $1 million.

Take a look at the full research and statistics here.


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