McGregor is expected to get back to his best

Conor McGregor broke his leg now long ago during a fight that he lost to Poirier and this caused him to lose the fight due to him having to withdraw from it due to his injury. MMA fans are unsure if McGregor will fight again due to his recent injury which was quite a bad leg break. Conor has been getting a lot of injuries during his recent fights or training routines which has made a lot of fight fans think he is injury prone now due to his age as well. Fight fans were left disappointed when McGregor lost his most recent fight due to them placing their bets on him to win the fight only to see him lose due to an injury. Conor has lost the past few of his fights which has annoyed a lot of fans due to them placing bets on him to win and unfortunately, he has not been on the money. Fights fans have a lot of different markets to choose from when it comes to betting on McGregor due to him being such a popular figure amongst the MMA world bookies and casinos like offer fight fans a host of different markets and games to choose from to keep them occupied during the breaks at the fights or pre-match bets. McGregor fights are always the most bet on fights when it comes to fans betting on the MMA due to him being seen as one of the most popular fighters in the world and his day one of the best fighters out there.

Talks have been ongoing on a fight in the new year with a possible rematch with Poirier but fans are not confident that McGregor will stand a chance due to him not being what he used to be. Conor is expected to get back to his best and in recent Instagram stories and posts, you can see that he is looking in great shape and looks ready to fight anyone that he is put up against. McGregor is taking his training very seriously with him working out daily and making sure he sticks to a strict diet. There have been rumours that McGregor could fight a YouTube star which fights fans are calling pointless and just a payday for Conor with them wanting to see him take on a real opponent and prove that he is back to his best and the best he has been.

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