Scott Coker wasted no time finding another match for  Melvin “No Mercy” Manhoef  is now set to face off against the veteran  Kick boxer Joe“Stich ‘Em Up” Schilling. The Middleweight event is now set to take place November 15th in San Diego California at the Valley View Casino Center. Bellator 131 will feature a Light Heavyweight affair between Tito Ortiz (17-11) vs. Stephan Bonnar (15-8) and Lightweight Michael Chandler (12-2) vs. Will Brooks (14-1) will battle for vacant Bellator Lightweight Title.

“I’ve said since the day I began my career in combat sports that styles make fights,” Coker said. “I came to Bellator to create the most compelling fights possible, and Manhoef vs. Schilling has the chance to be fight of the night on November 15th. When you put together guys like Manhoef and Schilling, records sort of go out the window. You know when that cage door shuts, these two guys are going to stand up and engage in what should be an insanely entertaining fight. We’ve just added this fight to a card that already features Tito and Bonnar, Chandler and Brooks, and Mo and DeBlass. November 15th is going to be a very fun night, and we’ve got more coming.”

The 38 year old Melvin “No Mercy” Manhoef (29-11) made a spectacular debut into Bellator less than a month ago at Bellator 125. Manhoef wasted no time taking out Doug Marshall delivering a devastating KO punch at 1:45 into the first round. Manhoef holds heavy knockout power with 27 of 29 wins were won by way of KO or TKO.

Joe“Stich ‘Em Up” Schilling is a highly skilled #1 ranked Glory Kickboxer with Muay Thai Backround. Schilling won the 2013 Glory Middleweight Championship and was a finalist in the the 2014 Glory Last Man Standing Middleweight Tournament. However, Schilling has not competed in a MMA match since 2008 and he holds a 1-3 record and those 2 defeats were by way of submission.

“My name is Joe Schilling. You might not know it today but you will very soon,” Schilling said in a release. “I’m one of the best strikers on the planet, and if you want to see people got laid the hell out, just watch me fight on Nov. 15.”

With the addition, Bellator 131 now features:

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Tito Ortiz (17-11) vs. Stephan Bonnar (15-8)

Lightweight Feature Fight: Michael Chandler (12-2) vs. Will Brooks (14-1)

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: King Mo (13-4) vs. Tom DeBlass (9-2)

Middleweight Feature Fight: Melvin Manhoef (29-11 MMA, 37-12 Kickboxing) vs. Joe Schilling (1-3 MMA, 17-7 Kickboxing)

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