Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul is expected to take place in February 2022

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is expected to be the next in line to fight social media influencer Logan Paul come February 2022. The venue, date, and location are yet to be announced.

Tyson, 55, returned to boxing back in Nov. 2020 for an exhibition match with boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. Tyson ended up fighting Jones Jr. to a draw. How will the former champion fight against someone as young as Paul? Tyson will clearly have a technical advantage over Pauls’s young boxing career.

Paul, 26, is coming into the boxing ring with a massive PPV boxing match against pound-for-pound legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. The social media star went eight rounds with “Money.” Paul will have to figure out a way to not get hit by Tyson’s power punches.

The fight was reported by Daniel Keem who hosts the popular news show DramaAlert on his Twitter:

There is no doubt that Tyson is more than capable of stopping Logan Paul. We all know that this fight is nothing more than a money fight. It’s likely that this will end the same way as Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. Stay tuned to FightBookMMA.com for venue, date, and location and who else is scheduled to fight on this card.


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