Mikey Rukus Fighter Music Producer New Single Titled: “Stop:Go”

Thursday April 14, 2016 You’re at home or at a bar or even at a friend’s house getting ready to watch some MMA fights. The event starts and your pumped because your about to watch some good old ass beating. The fighters are walking down to the Cage and you hear the music blasting and the fighters are getting pumped and your even more excited because of the badass music. Your probably wondering who made that awesome custom walkout track for that fighter? How can I get in contact with that producer or listen to more of his music?

Look no further as FIghtBookMMA talked with Mikey Rukus and what his plans are in the very near future. And what a treat does he have for us with his music.

Mikey told us that in the past 6 years he has created over 400 theme songs and walkout songs for MMA organizations and fighters all over the world to include some of the UFC’s top stars, WSOF, Cage Warriors, Invicta FC. He’s also produced some in Boxing, WBC and in the World Series of Boxing.

He’s produced music for Mark Hunt, Renan Barao, Shogun, Colin Fletcher, Chad Laprise, Dennis Hallman, Michelle Waterson and Leonard Garcia just to name a few. Check out some of his work by visiting www.soundclick.com/mikeyrukus.

Not only does Mikey Rukus produce music for these fighters and organizations, he also performs live music at well-known venues and MMA events worldwide. His most recent MMA work was a collaboration piece with Drum and Bass Metal DJ Zardonic on the track “Bring It On” the official theme song for World Series Of Fighting.

WSOF Intro “Bring It On” by Zardonic ft Mikey Rukus:

Rukus PR reached out to FIghtBookMMA and told us that he is transitioning into commercial music, with that being said, Rukus announced on Facebook that he will have a brand new solo track on Monday April 18, 2016. 

It seems now that Rukus is making a transition and releasing a solo project soon and FightbookMMA managed to get our hands on an exclusive preview of his lead single “Stop:Go” which drops on all digital platforms on Monday, and let me tell you, this song had me pumped to the point I wanted to go train. Be ready to have this on your playlist and have this blasting in your car on your way to train because this song has mix of rap, rock, metal and techno!!

As we mentioned above his single titled “Stop:Go” will be released on Monday, April 18 2016. To join the Mikey Rukus release party for “Stop:Go” then you need to RSVP ASAP by clicking HERE!!

Get in contact with Mikey Rukus for more information on how you can get a theme song by emailing him mikeyrukus@gmail.comRick Diaz at rick@duke-sterling.com. Show your support and follow him on Twitter @MikeyRukus and check out his website http://mikeyrukus.wix.com/mikeyrukus

Colin Fletcher — “Colin Freakshow Fletcher Custom Walkout Song” by Mikey Rukus:


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