MLW Fusion ALPHA #7: Casket Match Recap and Results

With a few days to go before the big PPV War Chamber, Cesar Duran opens up to cut a promo, but is promptly cut off by Konnan and 5150 demanding a match with Los Parks. LA Park and his two sons come out and a fight ensues at ring side bringing out all of the security and referees down to ringside to break it all up, what an amazing way to start out the last fusion before War Chamber! These tag teams will meet up at War Chamber to setting the score. With the brawl cleaned up, Tom Lawlor’s music hits and he demands a title fight tonight on Fusion. Cesar Duran always wanting to satisfy the desire of the blood hungry Philly fans, so he’s giving Tom a title fight with King Muertes in a casket match.

Sea Stars vs Willow Nightingale & Zoe Skye

Fusion opens up with Featherweight tag team action. The action starts at a fast pace, but the Sea Stars showing their tag team experience and are taking control early double teaming Zeo Skye. Finally, Zoe is able to tag in her partner Willow Nightingale, and she begins to use her impressive size and speed to take control enough to tag her partner Zoe back in. Skye and Nightingale are working together as a cohesive team now, but the Sea Stars mount their come back, but Willow and Zoe stifle the come back for a moment. From under the ring, Hollidead grabs Willow and drags her under the ring, and the Sea Stars double team Zoe Skye and win the match with a pin.

Winner: Sea Stars via pinfall

Alex Kane Prize Fight Challenge

Alex Kane issued a Prize Fight Challenge to any wrestler from any company to come out and defeat him by submission, knockout or pinfall. Led to the ring by his mouth piece King Mo, just as they get in the ring, War Horse’s music hits and he comes out pumped up and ready for action. Does the mid-west Wildman have what it takes to avoid a trip to Suplex Island? The match begins with War Horse headbutting King Mo, but Alex Kane tries going to work, but the smaller and more elusive War Horse gets shots in surprising Kane. The offense of War Horse was stifled by Kane with repeated shots to the head, but in 80’s metal style War Horse shakes it off and is beginning to anger Alex Kane. War Horse leaps in the air, but is quickly caught by Alex Kane, and is then suplexed into the turnbuckles. Alex Kane is taking full advantage now with suplexes and establishing his dominance in the match up. War Horse continues to summon the power of the God’s of Metal to get strength and to mount a comeback, but Alex Kane is just too strong and those Suplex’s are just too powerful. Alex Kane hits his 5th suplex of the match which is more than enough to finish off War Horse. Who will be able to stop this suplex machine?

Alex Kane via Pinfall

Tom Lawlor vs King Muertes in a Casket Match

The stage is now set for the main event of the evening featuring former Opera Cup winning Filthy Tom Lawlor vs The man of 1000 deaths, King Muertes in a casket match for the Caribbean Title. Lawlor looking very uneasy being in there with Muertes, tries getting in early offense, but Muertes being too big and too strong stops all of Tom’s momentum with an amazing spear. Fighting with everything that he has, fighting off King is no easy task especially since Tom is out there without Team Filthy. Muertes quickly begins to use the casket as a weapon, smashing Tom against it multiple times and then hit with a DDT. Now both men are back in the ring, but Muertes is almost toying with Lawlor, just torturing him and smashing him with a fireman’s carry suplex. Muertes tries to get Tom closed in the casket, but Lawlor fights him off for the moment and tries getting some offense going. Tom begins to attack Muertes legs with a drop kick to the knees, Lawlor rolls the Caribbean Champ into the casket trying everything to close it, but King Muertes blasts himself out of the casket and begins going to work on the former Opera Cup Champ. Lawlor begins to mount an attack on the outside and begins hitting King with a ringside chair, but King Muertes finds a way to power bomb Lawlor on to the top of the casket and then throwing Tom back into the ring. Now in the corner, King Muertes begins taking full advantage of Lawlor but took too long celebrating and Lawlor hits Muertes in a rear naked choke from the second turnbuckle. It appears King Muertes is out cold, Tom begins to close the lid but with mystical energy, King Muertes wakes up and grabs Lawlor by the throat with his left arm and brings Tom into the ring.  Carlee Perez and her skull seem to be powering King Muertes in this match, but Lawlor hits King with  guillotine only to it being broken up by Muertes move Straight To Hell. Tom Lawlor was knocked unconscious and rolled into the casket only to be buried alive by King Muertes. What a way to end our last Fusion before War Chamber!

Winner: King Muertes

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