MLW Fusion: ALPHA Recap and Results – 9/22/2021

Major League Wrestling Fusion: Alpha kicked off in Philadelphia with an amazing opening match featuring the Von Erich’s vs Team Filthy in a Bunkhouse Brawl Match. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor immediately jumped on the stick to trash talk the rowdy fans in the arena in pure heel form. While “Filthy” was in the middle of his speech, “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent plays and out come the Von Erich’s ready for action. 

Kevin Ku and Kit Osbourne( or Rip Von Erich as he calls himself) take to the center of the ring with the Von Erich’s as Tom hangs on the outside to try and be a distraction. With the match being a NO DQ, the weapons came out early and often. Team Filthy took to Marshall Von Erich’s knee with a shovel, and then both Ku and Osbourne targeted that knee for the majority of the match, leaving Marshall incapacitated on the outside. Ross Von Erich began beating on Kevin Ku, while Kit was on the outside getting more weapons, while setting up chairs Ross turned his attention to Kit and was then suplexed by Ku into two folding chairs. “Filthy” jumped on the apron with a 2×4 to put Ross Von Erich out, Ross ducked and Tom took out a member of his own faction when Kevin Ku took the shot to the head. Marshall Von Erich entered the ring and set up an extra piece of the ring board between two chairs to create a makeshift table, he placed a knocked out Kevin Ku underneath the board while placing Kit Osbourne on top, leaving only one place for Marshall to go… THE TOP ROPE… Marshall hits a textbook Moonsault from the top rope to get the win for the Von Erich’s.

Coming back from break the announcers named the newest edition to MLW which is the Women’s Featherweight Division. Some wrestlers will include The Sea Stars, Brittany Blake, Holidead, Zoey Skye, Willow Nightingale, and Nicole Savoy.

The Next bout brings on newly signed athlete KC Navarro against Gino Medina. This being Navarro’s debut with MLW, he really needed to put on a show and he did just that against the second generation wrestler in Medina but still fell short in his debut Both competitors were chain wrestling and hitting high spots early on setting an incredible pace for the match early on capped off with Navarro hitting a suicide dive on the outside. Medina was slowing down the pace using a hold on Navarro’s neck, Navarro had gotten out of the hold and hit a Tornado DDT, but Medina was able to kick out, hoist Navarro up on his shoulders and planted Navarro with the X-Factor and came away with the victory.

After break, Tom Lawlor is shown entering Cesar Duran’s office and seems to have gotten himself a title shot against National Open Weight Champ Alex Hammerstone in next week’s MLW event.

Our Main Event of the evening brings us to The American Wolf Davey Richards vs the rising star in Major League Wrestling, TJP. Richards is making his MLW debut and after a 3 year hiatus, Richards showed that there is no ring rust he needed to knock off as he began this match like he never left the business. Davey Richards using his vast experience was attempting to slow down TJP’s pace with strategically placed head scissors, but TJP was able to reverse out and lock in an arm lock trying to wear down the shoulder of Richards. TJP impressively using his aerial skills was able to hit a body drop on to the outside and began to show off to the Philadelphia crowd, but Richards got up firing back only to be slowed down by TJP and rolled back out of the ring. The pace of the action really slowed down with reversal submission attempts in the middle of the ring, which was broken up by TJP hitting multiple suplex’s on Richards. Going for it all, TJP went for the top rope, but Richards countered and met him on the turnbuckle and hit at suplex off the top turn buckle which put both wrestlers down. Both competitors got up and met in the center countering moves until TJP was put down. After a few false finishes, TJP hit an ankle lock going for a cross face, but Richards made it to the ropes to get the hold broken. The two shared kicks on the apron, and both men crashed to the floor outside the ring. Once inside the ring Richards went to an aerial attack of his own, then went for his finisher to get his first victory in MLW.


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