MLW Fusion: ALPHA recap and results

With only 24 hours to go until MLW’s biggest event in HISTORY kicks off on Vice TV, the 2300 Arena was packed and rocking for this week’s MLW Fusion. We begin tonight’s action in the tag team division in which Konnan’s 5150 crew of Slice Boogie and Danny Rivera will be taking on Injustice which is the team of Middleweight Champ Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. The action got off to a big start in which 5150 began to establish their dominance with Slice Boogie’s size and strength, and the high-flying attacks of Danny Rivera. No matter what Injustice was able to get going during this match, their momentum was continually stifled by the outside interference from Julius Smokes. After Jordan Oliver was thrown into the ropes by Danny Rivera, Julius Smokes would pull a “loaded” sock out of his pants, and crush Oliver’s skull with it, and then was pinned by Rivera. In true thug fashion, 5150 began to attack the referee’s and the security staff on the outside of the ring, eventually spray painting an L on the ref’s back in black spray paint, which was very reminiscent to Konnan’s days back when he was with the NWO.

Our next match brings us to the first Women’s Featherweight Division bout between ½ of the Sea Stars tag team Ashley Vox vs Willow Nightingale. You either love Cesar Duran or you hate him, but you can not deny his eye for talent, because these two ladies brought complete action and excitement for our first Featherweight bout. Ashley Vox might be small, but she has the heart of a lion, and the toughness of a $2 steak, her ability to fly around the ring and attack her opponent was outstanding, but she was unable to mount enough of an attack to be able to take out her bigger opponent in Willow Nightingale. Nightingale’s strength, size and quick mobility was just too much for Vox to handle, and Willow Nightingale gets the first win of the Featherweight Division in impressive fashion.

The camera now brings us backstage where the National Open Weight Champion Alex Hammerstone is being attacked by Contra hit man Mads Krugger. Hammerstone was seen earlier today trying to get into the arena after Contra attacked him last week after his win against Filthy Tom Lawlor. It is very obvious that Hammerstone wants to get his hands on Jacob Fatu before their meeting in MLW’s Fightland Title for Title match up.

Jacob Fatu didn’t seem phased that Hammerstone was on the hunt for him, because Fatu had a match of his own in our main event of the evening. Last week, Cesar Duran granted Matt Cross a title shot against Fatu, if Matt Cross pulls this off, he will be the one facing off against Hammerstone at FIghtland. Matt Cross was bringing out everything he had in his arsenal in this match, diving to the outside and trying to use his speed and agility against his bigger opponent, but Fatu is the Heavyweight champ for a reason, and his mix of size, strength and the ability to fly like a Luchador was all that he needed to defeat the much smaller opponent in Matt Cross, and now the stage is finally set for Fightland. Just as the camera was getting ready to fade, Contra Unit’s Josef Samael is seen in the parking garage, and then Alex Hammerstone is seen behind him and grabs him just as the camera fades to black.

If you weren’t excited enough for Fightland on Thursday night, this episode of Fusion definitely got you even more pumped. MLW has so many amazing matchup’s scheduled for Fightland, including the return of the Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri, and of course the biggest match in MLW History Jacob Fatu vs Alex Hammerstone in the Title vs Title extravaganza. You will be able to watch Fightland Thursday night at 10:00pm following Darkside of the Ring.


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